Saturday, November 17, 2007

Crusty Artisan Bread, Anyone?

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a King Arthur Flour National Baking Seminar on "Crusty Artisan Breads". It was absolutely delightful. I went with my friend, Jaime and her mother, Ann. We had so much fun. If you haven't tried King Arthur Flour yet, you should. It is very high quality, un-beached, organic flour. Here's your visual.

The friendly folks at King Arthur were nice enough to give out raffle prizes at the end of the seminar. Jaime walked away with a lovely, "white wheat flour". Ann got some whole wheat flour, and I left with this:

And this is the bread that I will never be able to bake, despite attending the seminar :)


Grams said...

You, only getting baking powder, reminds me of the time in Maggie Valley when we took you horseback riding at Cataloochi Ranch. When we came to pick you up, you came stomping up and said. "All the other kids got horses like "King" and "Prince" and I got "BUBBA"!

KreativeMix said...

sounds interesting and looks yummy. i wonder if there's a correlation to this sudden hunger growl :-)