Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Day with the Doodle

Since Jackson and I don't have our own child, sometimes we like to steal Mark and Jaime's daughter, Grace and tote her around grounds pretending she's our own. Creepy? Maybe so, nevertheless we had so much fun yesterday watching Grace for a couple hours. Let's just say...she's a little Wahoo now :) Enjoy our faux parenting pics! I hope our child is this cute!!!

Sweet Little Doodle

Stirring her nature "stew", don't worry Jaime, I made sure it was 100% organic

Please notice Jackson's face

She hasn't quite mastered "smiling" for the camera


Lindsey Burke said...

So basically you steal other people's muchkins and try to brainwash them into being "Hoos" or whatever your strange mascot is and let them eat "nature stew"...Weird. Can ya'll just please pop out a couple of creatures on your own like ASAP? Or else I am going to have to go shopping because my clothes are going out of style...muah ha ha.

Jaime Campbell said...

Either we're morphing, or Grace is or something. Grace could totally pass for your kid. Add Oscar to the mix and watch out. Thanks for keeping the Doots- ya'll rock.