Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lo Siento

Sorry I have not updated my blog lately. Life has been crazy! Jackson and I have had a lot of school work recently. Also, my camera was not charged for a while and no blog post is complete without pictures. I promise to do better this week, I will start taking more pictures.

Jackson and I are currently on the couch unwinding from a busy but fun weekend. On Friday we drove to Virginia Beach for the night to see our family and pick up our new car. On Saturday we drove back to Cville and hung out with Jackson's brother who was in town for the night. Then Sunday at church we were wrapping up the "I Am Portico" series on stewardship. After church, Mark and Gracie came over to hang out with us at the cottage and Grace and I made snickerdoodle cookies! This was the highlight of my day...making snickerdoodles with a 2.5 year old. Hilarious. Grace makes me want to have kids, she's the most precious child I know. I'm kicking myself that I didn't take pictures. I of course had her dressed in one of my aprons with oven mitts and a rubber spatula. It was a total Hallmark card. After that, the Atwell's had all the staff families over for chili and the Colt's game. It was a great Sunday. it off with a little desperate housewives..perfection :)


Jaime Campbell said...

Mark can email those pics. Thanks for filling in for us last minute- AGAIN. Welcome to the fam. :)

MeghanDarlson said...


Call your cousin! We hope to see you after Thanksgiving if you will be in Va. Beach at all. Congrats to Jackson on the new job. I am glad everything is going well for you both. Get in touch with me please. We miss you.


Lindsey Burke said...

I'm still waiting for the halloween pictures of you guys dressed up as the California raisins!