Thursday, November 15, 2007

My ENTJ Ways

I am frustrated at the moment and want to blog about it! I swore I would never be "that" person who uses their blog to talk about their feelings. But, here I am. Jackson and I just got out of a class where we were supposed to give a presentation today in front of the whole class. The presentation wasn't that big of deal, but we had still put a lot of time and effort into making it good (it was on remote perception by the way, that is the scientific name for ESP and psychic abilities). Bottom line, I was proud of it and actually excited to do our presentation for the class. Well, there were three other groups presenting before us, and each group was supposed to have fifteen minutes for their presentation. Of course, the first group goes literally thirty minutes and no one stops them! I was getting annoyed because I knew that every minute they went over was one minute taken away from our time. Then the second group goes, they were better, they only took about twenty minutes. Then the third group goes, and by the time it's our turn it is 1:38. Our class ends at 1:45!!! I'm not going to lie...I was kind of annoyed.

So, here is where I need your opinion to decide whether the following scenario is "rude". The professor stands up after the third group and looks at us and was like "Do you guys want to try to squeeze it in?" in front of the whole class. SO, being the assertive person that I am I say (very matter-of-factly) "Well, we prepared a fifteen minute presentation according to the guidlines given, so no, it is not going to work." I thought this to be a perfectly appropriate, factual statement. But sweet, diplomatic Jackson was blown away and was like "Woah Mal...simmer down".

It's funny how the Myers-Briggs tests are so right on with our personalities. I personally am obsessed with such tests and I recently re-took the myers-briggs after several years and I discovered that my personality is an ENTJ. Here's some of the description:

-"Outgoing, logical and decisive, the ENTJ leads by providing conceptual structure and setting goals, rather than by detailing and enforcing procedures, codes and regulations."

-"There is not much room for error in the world of the ENTJ. They dislike to see mistakes repeated, and have no patience with inefficiency. They may become quite harsh when their patience is tried in these respects, because they are not naturally tuned in to people's feelings, and more than likely don't believe that they should tailor their judgments in consideration for people's feelings. ENTJs, like many types, have difficulty seeing things from outside their own perspective. Unlike other types, ENTJs naturally have little patience with people who do not see things the same way as the ENTJ. The ENTJ needs to consciously work on recognizing the value of other people's opinions, as well as the value of being sensitive towards people's feelings. In the absence of this awareness, the ENTJ will be a forceful, intimidating and overbearing individual."

-ENTJs love to interact with people. As Extroverts, they're energized and stimulated primarily externally. There's nothing more enjoyable and satisfying to the ENTJ than having a lively, challenging conversation. They especially respect people who are able to stand up to the ENTJ, and argue persuasively for their point of view.

-ENTJs want their home to be beautiful, well-furnished, and efficiently run. They're likely to place much emphasis on their children being well-educated and structured, to desire a congenial and devoted relationship with their spouse.

Well, I think that was some of the good, the bad, and the ugly about the ENTJ. Go to this site if you want to find out which type you are:

Take the test and tell me what you are, I think its fascinating.

If you read all the way here and put up with my rantings, I'm impressed!


Lindsey Burke said...

Cool link! I took the test and I am an ISFJ. I read the description and it totally fits me and the counseling work that I am going to do. Fun!

Grams said...

I didn't take the test yet, but that professor was totally wrong and you were totally right. He should never have put you in that position. A more timid person would have tried to squeeze it in and been hurt and disappointed at the unfairness of it.

You aren't "ALL" ENTJ. You do care about peoples feelings and even when you are "forceful, you will listen to other points of view.

I'll take the test. It will be fun. I'll let you know what I am.

Grams said...

Test seems pretty accurate to me. I'm ESFJ. Now all I ned is a job!