Monday, December 10, 2007

Wasps, Global Warming & Noah

Yes friends, I intend to blog about all three things mentioned above. I will start with my most disfavored creature on this planet, Wasps...and all things in the Bee family (no I will NOT be seeing the movie BEE). Last night, my husband discovered there was a very large wasp in our home, yes INSIDE OUR HOME. He of course killed it in one foul swoop, but it wasn't over. This morning, there was one buzzing outside my front door trying to gain entry! Before I proceed, you must know that I am terrified of bees, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets etc. Some, who will remain nameless, have even told me I have a stronghold in this area!! People ask me all the time if I am allergic, and I have to pitifully answer, "No, but I am psychologically allergic"." I did have a traumatizing experience as a youngster, I was stung on my scalp and my parents had to practically restrain me with ropes to get me to lie still while they plucked the stinger out with tweezers. I will never forget it.

Anyways, sure enough, in mid-December there was wasps galavanting outside, ruining my winter! These things need not be! There should never, under any circumstances be bee-like creatures outside in mid-December. I look forward to the winter every year when those heinous little creatures go underground to hibernate and I can walk outside without fear of being stung! Well, not this winter! Why are they out, you might ask? IT IS 70 DEGREES TODAY!! And no, I do not live in Florida, I live in Central Virginia where it would normally be snowing right now!

OK, before you jump to the "global warming" comeback, hear this! I have discovered that global warming is an unbiblical idea. Yes friends, take heart, I am about to give you a biblical comeback to all that global warming hysteria. I discovered this passage in the Bible when I was doing a Beth Moore study this summer called Living Beyond Yourself. It was a great study, I highly recommend it. I was reading in Genesis about Noah and the flood and God's promise to Noah never to flood the earth again. We all know that of course. However, I did not know that God promised more to Noah. Genesis 8:15 through Genesis 9:17 are referred to by scholars as the "Noahic Covenant". It of course includes God's promise to never flood the earth again but there is more! In chapter 8:22 the Lord states, "While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease."

I don't know about you, but when I read that my eyes nearly jumped off the page! The Sustainer of the Universe tells us right here in black and white that "cold and heart, and summer and winter shall not cease!" I had no idea that was in Scripture! I don't know about you but I get annoyed with all the hocus pocus about global warming and I finally found my scriptural comeback! Of course, I doubt this would hold any weight with someone who is not a believer, but to someone that is, I think it certainly should. So fear not friends, the world is not going to turn into a giant microwave! God has promised He will not take away the cold! Praise Him for his provision and promises!

P.S. I just have to recommend this product if you too, hate all things BEE.

This is a must-have product in our home. Note, it is says "Instant Kill, Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of 49,500 Volts". This is music to my ears! :) Spray on friends!


We Are Portico said...

Biblical exegesis at its best my friend. We are unlikely loves (see LPMblog)...I have distinct memories of catching bees and bragging about my immunity to their stings. Also, according to my mother, we have a "bee-charmer/whisperer" in our family. There you have it.

Grams said...

I love your writing. I get a huge kick out of any issue you get charged up about. Oh, and thank you, I am so relieved about global warming. Poor Al Gore needs to read his bible.

Lindsey Burke said...

Marta, Marta, Marta, there is help for you out there!! On another note, please do a post complete with pictures documenting our amazing gingerbread house decorating!

mom said...

You are hilarious. I laughed out loud. We, too, had a wasp invader in our home. We were unable to sucessfully find and kill it. I hope it was near the end of its life. There have been no sightings today. Thanks for educating me on the rest of the promise to Noah, very interesting