Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nostalgia & Gel Nails

Jackson and I are now less than 2 weeks away from our projected move-in date. He's currently out of town with Mark Campbell on a youth retreat brushing up on his youth group game skills and interacting with pimply faced youth :) SO, last night I was all alone in the cottage, eating pancakes for dinner with diet coke getting nostalgic about moving away from Timberlake. I had started to pack up some of our decorative things to get a headstart and the place started to look so bare. It brought back memories of us moving stuff over right before we got married...nine months ago! It seems like we've been married for longer than that. We've grown so much since May 12!

Anways...mid-pancake bite I get a glorious phone call. My siesta Jaime called and said, "I'm picking you up." Fabulous! My lonely pitiful night turned into a fun-filled gel nail extravaganza! Let me explain. About 2 weeks ago, Jaime was talking about buying an IBD UV nail lamp and the materials to do her own gel nails...because who can afford $30 fills twice a month AND highlights?!?! She also agreed to do all of our friends nails for free if we chipped in on the "start-up" costs. I was instantly "in"...what could be better? So last night, after sweet Gracie was put to bed and we had dined on a highly civilized meal of mixed green salad with dates, pine nuts, and balsamic vinegarette, a french baguette with spanish olive oil, and some delish pinot noir...we got to work on the nails. I quickly assembled the IBD nail lamp and Jaime got to work watching the IBD tutorial DVD. Voila! We were ready. Mind you---this all took place circa 11:30 pm-1 the glorious city of Crozet, Virginia. Two pastors wives, blonde as can be, doing their own gel nails on a Friday night, while listening to the melodious tunes of the Robbie Seay Band!

They turned out great! I am now proudly sporting my gel nails. It's only a matter of time before Jaime starts her gel nail ministry!

Here's the goods:


Grams said...

I love how you write! The second picture is the UV nail dryer, but what is the first picture?

Have fun with your ministry!

We Are Portico said...

The night gets better the second time! You miraculously managed to tell the tale minus all the madness. Bravo, siesta! Thank you for documenting our momentous maiden voyage. I only hope the destination will be worth the trip. :)

kendy said...

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