Saturday, April 26, 2008

If Loving Soulja Boy is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right

I said that I would blog about my love for rap music so here it is. Like my love for the golden arches, people are often surprised when they learn of my love for rap/ hip-hop music. I wonder why? Perhaps at first glance I don't look like the type that would appreciate the toe-tapping beats of gangsta rap. Maybe it's my J-crew headbands, or maybe its the pearl earrings and lacoste polos I wear. Regardless, people stereotype me as probably listening to the likes of Miley Cyrus and Maroon 5. And believe me, I do. However, sometimes I just need a little thug if you know what I'm saying. Some rap can energize me and some rap can relax me. I will share a personal example. A couple months ago, Jackson and I were having a little "tiff" in the car. It wasn't anything major or serious, just a scuffle. Then, in the background, I heard "Soulja Boy" playing on the radio. I had to say to Jackson, "Hey, hold that thought, I just need to listen to this..." So I cranked up Soulja Boy and rocked out, loving every minute of the 3 minute song. It was honestly therapeutic for me. After the song was over, I turned down the radio and more calmly proceeded to discuss the issue at hand. Who knew that Soulja Boy could help a marriage? I like to give credit where credit is due.

Not only can rap be therapeutic, it is just plain fun to listen to. I can't dance to anything else as well as rap. The beat is just so good for dancing. Not that I really dance anymore to rap music since the era of high-school prom is over...but sometimes in the privacy of my own home, I'll bust out some moves. Even though Jackson insists I dance like a "white girl" (huh?) I really think I have some good rhythm that is uncharacteristic of my white sistas. I think my family can attest to this...

Where did I acquire this love for rap music? You might say..."I get it from my momma". My mother, yes sweet Teri Rigell, has been spotted driving a totally pimped out Navigator, riding low, rapping to Nelly's "Grillz" in "Smile for Daddy, I wanna see your grill....yep your grill yep yep your grill...rob a jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill!" I kid you not. It's in my blood people. My mother and I both have an ability to listen to a song only a couple times and then know all the words. So when I hear a rap some once or twice, I know most of the words so I can and do rap along. It is a source of great entertainment for my friends.

I think that pretty much concludes my love for rap.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am so excited. I've had my very first pregnancy craving! Here's what happened. At night sometimes I wake up and my stomach is irritated and I have to eat a few saltines and then I can go back to bed. Two nights ago I was thinking how delicious cut up strawberries would taste instead of the nasty dry saltines that turn into a paste in my mouth. I seriously spent the rest of the night dreaming about how amazing strawberries are and how badly I wanted some. I had the exact same feeling last night too and this morning I woke up and said, "I'm getting myself some strawberries!" So I drove to the Whole Foods and got some divine strawberries and promptly gobbled them up. They tasted sooo good. It was like water to my parched soul. It felt so good to eat something that did not involve bread. I am just so pleased that I didn't crave french fries or something. Strawberries are a delightful thing to crave. They also don't load on the pounds. My doctor was very emphatic that I do not gain more than 20-25 pounds. I was A-OK with that! Less to gain, less to lose.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a very excited first-time pregnant siesta!

Monday, April 21, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

We had our first doctors appointment today and it went great! We absolutely loved Dr. Wolanski and his staff. He made me feel very comfortable and I feel great about him delivering our little bundle. He agreed that my due date would be November 27th, but he said it could easily be an early December baby too. I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant and things are progressing very well. I had some routine blood work done and we will only hear back if something was out of the ordinary.

The best part of the whole appointment was....

HEARING OUR BABY'S HEARTBEAT!!! It was so incredible. Dr. Wolanski warned me that we probably wouldn't be able to hear it at 8 weeks but when he checked my uterus he said it was already tilted up and so he got the doppler out and sure enough our baby's heart was beating away so fast! It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I started laughing I couldn't contain my joy but when I laughed we couldn't hear the heart so I had to hold it in.

Pregnancy is such an amazing miracle of God! Our baby is only the size of a kidney bean yet it has its own heart and it is beating away. We pray that our child will have a heart for the Lord, the giver of true life. We praise Him for the life of our baby!

Our next appointment is May 19th (12 weeks) and I think we will be getting an ultrasound during that appointment! Yay!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're Bringing Funny Back

That's right...we (Jaime and I) are bringing funny back to the blogosphere! Why? Because Cville is far too serious and we all just need a good laugh. I thought I would begin bringing funny back today by discussing the mixed emotions I have about McDonalds. Disclaimer: In an effort to be truly authentic, I am about to make expose some of my darker habits. I beg you, please do not judge me.

Picture this:

When: Sunday,10:25 am

Who: Me, in sunglasses, seat pushed back low, hoping no one I know sees me

Where: Mickey D's drive through @ Barracks

What: Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Hashbrown and diet coke

Why: a) i was hungry b) it actually helps my morning sickness, imagine that c) i savor the taste of fast food

I hope you now have a good visual of the scene I described. Here are some of the thoughts that go through my head when I frequent this fine dining establishment:

"Am I a bad person for eating Mcdonalds?"

"How many times a week is too much for fast food?"

"Do people judge me for going through Mcdonald's drive through?"

"Of course people don't judge me, at least not the other diners at this fine establishment!"

"Why am I ashamed that I like McDonalds?"

"I shouldn't be ashamed that I like McDonalds!"


"Why are people always suprised when they learn of my love of fast food?"

"Is it weird to sit in your car perfectly content, enjoying a quarter pounder with cheese and listening to Rush Limbaugh in a parking lot...alone?"

"I hope its not weird"

Do you think I'm crazy yet? I will say that being a fan of McDonalds in Charlottesville is not without its challenges. For example, I am very well aware of the stigma attached to McDonalds and take the proper precautions to avoid a close encounter with a tree-hugging organic hippie telling me to watch "Supersize Me" (I have by the way, but it doesn't deter me). I always throw away my cup before walking in public anywhere, and I try to quickly dispose of any evidence of my high calorie indulgence.

And although I love a Mickey D's meal now and again, I can also appreciate the goodness of Whole Foods. And I would never mix the two!!! One time I was in Whole Foods and I saw something that would have made any true foodie's skin crawl! This poor couple, probably mid 50s who looked like they were from the other side of the mountain if you get my drift, came into Whole Foods with two super-sized McDonalds cups!!! The HORROR! I felt so bad for them. I could see the mean stares they were getting from the organic C-villians and I wanted to go tell them of their faux pas to save them the embarrassment. However after thinking about it, they are probably the ones to admire. They own their decision to go to McDonalds and they are unashamed. I, on the other hand, shroud my trips to Mickey D's in secrecy, going through the drive through incognito and getting rid of the evidence. I try to act all organic and chic in Whole Foods but on the inside I am a Templeton, feasting on the lowest quality, highest fat foods available! I am a Whole Foods Fraud! Shame on me! I should just embrace who I am without worrying about the dumb social pressures of Cville. In the words of 50 cent "I am what I can like it or love it." Ghetto, I know, my love for rap music will have to be another post. But for now, I invite you all to hold me accountable on being authentic about my love for the golden arches. I'm not going to hide it under a bushel any longer, next time I go through the drive through...I will take off my sunglasses and proudly sport my Mickey D's drink. I will sing with pride....Ba Da Ba Ba Baa I'm lovin it!

Monday, April 7, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon

So much for "feeling fine". The morning sickness has hit! I was talking to my friend Kendra (who is 15 weeks pregnant) at church a couple weeks ago and I was telling her I felt great and she said "wait until six weeks..." She was right! Like clockwork, six weeks rolls around and I start feeling bad, pretty bad. I've found that the nausea is worst when my stomach is empty, which causes me to be grazing on something pretty much constantly. I'm a little concerned all the wheat thins and saltines are going to add up! We'll see. Besides the actual nausea/vomiting, I've just felt kind of yucky all around. I feel kind of achy like I have a fever, but my temperature is normal. I've had a headache off and on. My sleep patterns have been disrupted for the past few nights. And, of course I have to go to the bathroom 24/7.

I've been hearing lots of interesting remedies for the ailments of early pregnancy. One woman swears by saltines and peanut butter, another told me to take ginger capsules. Let me know if you have a trick up your sleeve!

For now...these are my best friend and have a prominent place on my nightstand.

I also might buy these...

Also, I'm trying to see a Certified Nurse Midwife to provide my prenatal care and deliver our baby. I called the office in Charlottesville today and they are calling me back tomorrow. I wanted to do a midwife because of the more personalized, natural approach to childbirth. But don't worry, I'll be delivering in a hospital, not a home birth or anything. I'll keep you posted as things progress!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We've Got News!

I'm pregnant!!! Jackson and I are so thrilled to announce that we will become a family of three this November (or maybe December). We found out a couple weeks ago that I am pregnant, I am almost 6 weeks pregnant and am due November 27th (Thanksgiving Day)! I will definitely have more to blog about now that we are expecting a little bundle of joy. So far, I've been feeling pretty good. I've been more tired than usual, but haven't felt nauseated or anything. I'm hoping that it doesn't hit in the next couple weeks. My first doctor's appointment is April 23rd, where I will have my first ultrasound. I'm excited.
I will conclude this post with the first BELLYSHOT! Don't worry Grams, they won't be grotesque! I just wanted to chronicle the belly starting from the beginning so we took a picture last night.

Lindsey--I will also be doing the floating fetus thing at the bottom of my blog, I can't help myself. Laugh it up.


This is Caroline, our pastor's daughter, we hope our baby is as cute as her :)