Thursday, May 1, 2008

The People Say...

It's a boy. The poll officially closed at 9 people voting boy, and 7 voting girl. Pretty close. Jackson and I really think the baby is a boy too, but you never know of course. I think we mainly feel that way because everyone at Portico has little girls and someone is bound to have a boy soon and I just know that someone is ME. God totally would send me a little boy who wants to run and play in the mud and dirt amidst the bees...while mommy wants to sit inside in the A.C. listening to her podcasts. I can see it now. But I know He will give me grace sufficient for the need, Amen?

So now the fun part...NAMES! We have pretty much settled on Brooks for a boy and Ellie for a girl, but the middle names are still up in the air. Disclaimer: I reserve the right to completely change these names between now and November!

Here is what we are thinking if we have a little

Brooks Justus Andrews

Brooks Deacon Andrews

Brooks Chandler Andrews

Brooks Jackson Andrews

And if we have a little...

Ellie Joy Andrews

Ellie Kate Andrews

Ellie Grace Andrews

Which name do YOU like best? Let us know! Don't be shy.


Jaime said...

I LOVE Ellie Joy Andrews. I also like Brooks Jackson. I like them all, though, really. At least you're not asking if we like Apple Pie, or Coco Chanel better.

Lindsey Burke said...

I really like Brooks Chandler Andrews and Ellie Kate Andrews! I would like to know why the name Kathryn was left out as a possible middle name though...I see you and Tub Tub were both represented but I was chopped liver. Gracias siesta.

MeghanDarlson said...

I love the name BROOKS! I have never heard anyone with it. LOVE IT! I like Ellie Joy and Brooks Deacon. Joy is such a wonderful middle name for you and I think it would be special to continue the tradition. Oh and I am casting my vote late BUT I think you are having a girl we produce more girls in our family than boys. Only 7-10 more weeks and we will know, that is if you are finding out the sex.

MeghanDarlson said...

oh and Happy belated 22nd Birthday!