Sunday, June 1, 2008

Combo Buyer Beware: Wendy's Scam!

Shame on you, Wendy's

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have an announcement. Wendy's is scamming their customers into supersizing their combo meals! Beware next time you go through the drive. Just listen to what those little con artists did to me!

I was at the Wendy's in Virginia Beach on Mill Dam Road and I was ordering my #6 combo (spicy chicken sandwich).

Me: "Hi, I"d like a #6 please with a diet coke"

Wendy's Woman: "Medium or Large"

Me (confused): "Um, medium I guess"

Wendy's Woman: "$6.49 please drive around"

I thought to myself, $6.49 sounds like a lot for a normal combo meal. Then I began to ponder how strange it was that she asked me for only a medium or large. I then get the window and look at my receipt and I had been charged an extra .50 cents for a SUPERSIZE! I was horrified and angered. I did NOT want to SUPERSIZE my meal! I wanted the regular drink and regular fry (who needs to supersize those meals, honestly). The way she asked me "medium or large" was a total scam. They scam their customers into ordering an upgrade because they offer it like they have no choice.

I was thoroughly enraged at the dishonesty and trickery. I was about to go inside and ask to speak to a manager but I was on my way to a meeting and didn't have time. So, what did I do? I called the Wendy's hotline number on my cup and told them of my experience. The kind customer care representative assured me that the Wendy's woman should have offered me "regular, medium or large" and they would report this incident to the corporate office. I was pleased but skeptical that my call had actually done anything. Oh well, at least I called. I'm a big believer that you can't complain about things if you don't take any steps to rectify the situation, be it as insignificant as a Wendy's scam. I told the customer care rep, "I don't care about the .50 cents, I care about the principle of the matter that the customers are being tricked into buying upgrades".

I know you are all savvy people and I just wanted to warn you next time you are in the drive-thru and someone asks "medium or large" you can reply "REGULAR...I'm not falling for your cheap trickery!!".

This concludes my announcement.


Lindsey Burke said...

Stinkin hilariosu Marta. I think you have missed your calling to be fulltime PSA spokesperson!

Jaime said...

I'm satisfied that you are a woman of principal. Fortunately, I refuse to consume that garbage...

Anonymous said...

I was asked the same "Medium or large" question yesterday at a Wendy's in Miami. I called the corporate office to complain and she told me that she would contact the Wendy's store. I told her I would rather she contact the CEO since it is obviously corporate policy of Wendy's. I agree with you though. It is unethical.

Frohmaster said...

This is not store by store thing ... it is obviously a corporate directive, as I have experienced this at more than 5 Wendy's. The last time I ate there, I went inside. I could overhear the drive-thru conversations, and every single one ordered a medium. I will be contacting as many BBB and corporate people as I can.

jbwither97 said...

They do the same thing in New Orleans so it must be a corporate tactic. Drives me crazy enough that I googled it and found your blog.