Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whole Hatred

Greetings Bloggers!

I really need to step up my blogging efforts and I intend to do so. Until then, humor me and let me tell you about my husband's deep seeded hatred for Whole Foods. As you can imagine, I was surprised when I discovered he loathed Whole Foods. I had fallen in love with it and was earnestly trying to help our family eat healthy and more organic foods. I thought he would be pleased with my efforts. I thought he would love the organic honey ham, the succulent free-range chicken breasts, and the cage-free eggs I was buying. NO! Jackson has come out and told me of his hatred for the Whole Foods! He won't even step foot into the store. He has been in twice with me, but now he refuses to go in and says he hates it inside.

One time we were at Chili's having dinner (very un-whole foods) and I asked if we could stop by Whole Foods on the way home. Jackson looked at me with disgust, "I can't believe you tricked me into going to WHOLE FOODS!" I was so confused, it is a grocery store for crying out loud. He agreed to let me go but he went into Staples instead.

His hatred for Whole Foods is so intense that it makes me wonder if he had a traumatic experience with organic foods as a youngster. You would think that he had been abused by organic loving granolas or something.

Lindsey, what do you make of this? Have you studied any sort of aversions to natural foods in your counseling classes yet?

Oh well, I did find the Whole Foods Blog today! Feast your eyes on the goodness of all things Whole Foods!


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Lindsey Burke said...

I had no idea sweet, sweet chocolate covered Jackson was capable of holding such hate in his heart! And for Whole Paycheck no less...concerning from both a clinical and spiritual perspective. I will delve deeper into possible motives, childhood traumas, etc. Tell him to expect an assessment when we visit. I accept payment in the form of copious amounts of Starbucks.