Sunday, July 13, 2008

20 Week Belly Shot

I'm halfway there! Hooray! I'd say I'm definitely growing-no question, but I haven't really "popped out" yet. Nobody asks or can tell that I'm pregnant because I either look totally normal or just like I have a little gut. I'm not in any maternity clothes at all. My jeans all still fit because they are so low-rise. I have gotten the bella bands which are good for my non-jean pants that come up higher on my waist.

Here's the belly at 20 weeks:

P.S. My "innie" belly button is becoming an "outie"!!! It's kind of gross. I really liked my innie but everyday it keeps disappearing...yikes. Also, I am experiencing the joys of pregnancy induced heartburn! That is gross too. Oh well, anything for Parks! I will receive the heartburn and outtie with joy and gladness!



SO cute! You are still SO SMALL! Thats how I looked at 13 weeks and I only had a 5 pound baby. It's amazing how we all carry our babies differently. I project some major growth in the next 3-5 weeks! I can't wait to give your cute belly a pat in NYC!

Jaime said...

I will receive your jeans with joy and gladness, should you choose to lend them. I'm willing your waist expansion!! :)