Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's A Hard Knock Life...'s not really a hard knock life as I sit here in Panera on my macbook with my coffee and cinnamon crunch bagel listening to some melodious classical music...HOWEVER...the past several days at Casa de Andrews have been anything but peaceful. I felt like I was an orphan straight out of Little Orphan Annie and was singing It's A Hard Knock Life! Jackson and I decided to get our ceilings dry-walled/sheet-rocked or whatever because we had plaster ceilings that were in really bad shape and would startle anyone who came into our house. So, the workers arrived on Friday and worked through Monday. The only rooms we didn't do were the kitchen and our bedroom because those ceilings had already been done. So this meant we had no living room, office, guest room or nursery room. And all of our furniture for those rooms were crammed in the kitchen! We basically had no house at all and it was sooo frustrating. Of course the work was supposed to be Saturday but it lasted until Monday and add Lucy in this was just not good. The poor thing had to crated almost the entire day because the house wasn't safe for her and she would have been all up in the worker's grills!

I was on the verge of having a breakdown on Sunday night. If any of you have experienced the process of drywalling, you know that it must be sanded before it can be painted and this produces MASS AMOUNTS OF DUST! Dust covers eevvvveeerrryyything in your house! So...I spent monday on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors a la little orphan annie singing it's a hard knock life! It was tragic. My poor knees look beaten and bruised. I am however, pleased to report that our house is getting back to working order and is almost completely put back together. Hallelujah!

This partially can explain my lack of posting as my life has been completely uprooted the past few days.

Just in case you wanted to know what I looked like as I scrubbed and cleaned...

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Lindsey Burke said...

I am glad to see you are being honest about the fact that your life is anything but hard-knock! Your post made me long to join you in the toasted goodness of a cinnamon crunch bagel!