Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long Day

Starting from Tuesday night:

5:15 PM: Begin roadie to Virginia Beach for work

8:30 PM: Arrive in Virginia Beach at Casa de Burke

9:00-11:00 PM: Watch Flipping Out...hilarious.

11:15 PM: Go to bed

6:15 AM: Wake-Up

7:20 AM: Leave Casa de Burke

7:24 AM: Spill grape jelly on my white pants in the car (pain that), make detour to my parents house to "shout it out"

7:35 AM: Leave parents house with grape jelly stain somewhat mended

7:39 AM: Pump gas and cry at the pump

7:45 AM: Drive out to Freedom Lincoln Mercury in Chesapeake for my meetings

8:30 AM: First Managers Meeting at work ever! It went awesome. I loved it.

10:00 AM: Meeting with my boss. Awesome.

10:30 AM: Meeting with HR Manager. Great.

12:30 PM: Leave FLM and drive back to the beach

1:03 PM: Arrive at Casa de Burke, pick up Moto (my sister Lindsey) and head to Plaza Azteca

1:25 PM: Arrive at Plaza, gorge myself on an amazing mexican feast complete with white sauce and received pro bono counseling from Moto--counseling grad student extraordinaire! Bryceleigh also joined us towards the end. Fabu! Talk about a power lunch!

2:15 PM: Arrive back at Casa de Burke and play with Moto's cute nephew Aiden who is 3 years old who calls O.E. a "goat midget".

3:00 PM: Get in car and bust it up 64 to Richmond

5:15 PM: Arrive in the RIC...have 45 minutes to kill...I'm not really that hungry but I know I will be soon soooo.....I hit up Mickey D's and order a "Happy Meal". I always feel so foolish when they ask "Is it for a boy or girl?" I say...."Girl". I wonder if they know its for me?!

5:20 PM: Eat some of the "Happy Meal" in my car while listening to some AM Christian talk radio I found and the topic was "Should Christians be single-issue voters when it comes to abortion?" It definitely kept me entertained to say the least.

5:40 PM: Make my way over to Robbins Insurance Building in RIC for my Dale Carnegie class.

5:50 PM: Enter Robins Insurance Building

6:00 PM: Dale Carnegie Class Begins

9:45 PM: Dale Carnegie Class Ends...I'm beyond exhausted.

9:47 PM: Get in car, head back to Charlottesville, praying the Lord will keep my eyes open and not send any deer across 64.

10:50 PM: Arrive at 1607 Cambridge Circle...and notice that the basement light is on and when I opened the front door, the alarm had not been set. I call Jackson (who is in Virginia Beach with Portico staff on a retreat) and ask him if the alarm had been set. He said yes. SO I start panicking. He tells me to get in my car and lock the door. He tells he will call me back. So I sit in my car for approx. 10 minutes crying like a foolish child, exhausted, scared, helpless and pregnant. I just wanted to see my puggle and go to sleep!!! He calls back and tells me a POLICE OFFICER will meet me at the corner of Wellford and Cambridge and walk through the house. I was relieved but also kind of embarrassed.

11:10 PM: Popo arrive at Cambridge. I, with a tear stained face, pathetically try to explain the situation "My husband is out of town...the alarm seems to have been triggered, but it's not hooked up right now to call our alarm company...." Poor poor officer.

11:13 PM: 2 other police cars arrive, making a grand total of 3 police cars on the street with FIVE officers. They enter the house and I am so embarrassed, knowing deep down it is probably nothing.

11:16 PM: Another undercover car arrives (4 police cars total)...I'm standing outside feeling very foolish. My sweet neighbor across the street comes out and asks if I'm okay. I get emotional again and tell her I'm fine, that Jackson is out of town and I thought someone had been in the house yada yada. So embarrasing.

11:30 PM: Police exit the house and say that everything looks fine and that all the entrances were secure. I thank them and apologize for wasting their time.

11:35 PM: I get back in the house, take poor Lucy out of her crate, take her outside to potty.

11:40 PM: On the phone w/ Jackson, explaining what happened, he tries to walk me through setting up our alarm system with the right phone line so it calls the alarm company. We couldn't get it to contact the company but it would still set and make the right noises so it still functioned.

12:00 PM: I put Lucy to bed, lock the doors, set the alarm and went upstairs. Talked to Jackson some more.

12:15 PM: Started reading Dale Carnegie's "The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking" trying to calm my nerves and just settle me down.

12:30 PM: Crash after my long, long day.


Lindsey Burke said...

That was a very long day Moto...good thing you had some wonderful Plaza in your belly to act as a fuel. I am really enjoying your sayings such as "" and "bust it." I might have to incorporate these into my everyday lingo.

Grams said...

I'm exhausted! It seems impossible, but I could do that 50 years ago! I love your blog. I love your wit. I love you!

Jaime said...

I am blessed by that.