Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pregnancy Update & Baby's Name

Pregnancy is going great! I feel fantastic. I have tons of energy and can stay up until 11 now! I have also felt our little boy moving around! Yay! It feels so cool. Sometimes it feels like a flutter, and sometimes it feels like he just turned around or something. I probably notice a little movement at least once a day, sometimes more. I really do feel like I'm in the "honeymoon" period that people talk about. But I'm still not showing enough for anyone to notice. If I'm wearing a tight shirt, I just look like I have a small beer belly or something which looks gross. So I just completely conceal it with looser shirts and no one would ever suspect I've got a little 10 inch baby inside! It's kind of fun that people don't's like you have a suprise or are carrying a secret around with you.

For those of you who would like to see me with rolls...fat should be pleased. The scale is moving up every week and so far I've gained about 3-4 pounds (it fluctuates). So get excited, my appetite is the size of Texas. I get hungry about every 2 hours and I consume way more food than I used to because I'm constantly hungry. the big news. We have FINALLY picked a name for our first child. After careful thought and consideration, our baby's name is:

Parks Chandler Andrews

Jackson and I both loved the name Parks. I had heard of a boy named Park and Jackson knew of some pro-snowboarder or something named Parks. We both loved it and thought it sounded really cool. Chandler is also a name we both love. It is the last name of one of our favorite pastors and we just love the sound of it, especially with Parks.

So you can start calling Parks by name. I've really loved praying for him by name, it's so cool. I was having my quiet time the other day and I was thinking of all the things that I want to do to give Parks the best life I can. I'm taking my prenatal vitamins so his body develops well and putting earphones on my belly so he can hear classical music. I'll read to him and sing to him. I'll breastfeed him to give him the best nutrition I can. We're saving now so hopefully Parks will be able to go to college one day. I realized that all these things are good things, but the most important thing I can do for Parks is what I was doing right then...having my quiet time, connecting with God. I just felt the Lord tell me that the most important thing I can ever give Parks is Him. My most important job will be to point Parks to Christ, everyday in everything. It's a daunting job, one with heavy responsibility and eternal consequences. But praise be to God, He gives us grace sufficient for the need! God is so awesome. I'm so excited I have Him to guide me through this journey called Motherhood.


Liz said...

I came to your blog from Meghan's, and this post is just really touching. I love that you have all these plans for your precious little boy, but that you know the most important is showing him Christ :)
Best wishes throughout the rest of your pregnancy and blessings for you guys when you welcome him to your family! :)

Lindsey Burke said...

Love the name and love this post!! You are going to be such a fabulous mother!


I am so excited for this little soul to join our family! He will add such joy and a new energy to your life. You will feel love for him you cannot fathom, when you look into his eyes you will love him even more deeply then you do now. I am so happy for you and Jackson. Parks is blessed to have wonderful parents like you.