Saturday, July 19, 2008

Transformation: Lucifer to Lucy

As many of you know...about 2 months ago Jackson and I added a new member to our family: Lucy Isabelle Andrews. A 7-lb puggle, daughter of Pugsly Faust Wilson (squire) and Sweet Lil' Rece (dame). She was a a bundle of pure puppy delight. Sweet and cuddly with a face that would melt even the coldest heart. Over the past two months...Lucy has grown. She is now a 15 lb teenager, full of energy and excitement and eager to explore the world. So eager in fact, a couple weeks ago she escaped out our front door before we could catch her and took off down the street. Jackson, barefoot, ran as fast as he could after her. I ran out the door yelling "TREEEAAAT LUCY TREAAAT". Yeah right, this dog didn't even look back she just bolted. Jackson kept running after her and I grabbed the keys to the car. I hopped in and drove after them. Lucy was already about three blocks away. Finally, another man was walking his dog and Lucy, being the social canine that she is, ran up to the dog and wanted to play. Jackson was finally able to scoop her up at that point. To say he was mad is a huge understatement. He was furious and he had cuts on his feet to prove it. Poor, poor Jax. After that incident, we both knew we had to transform LUCIFER back to Lucy.

So we called the local "Dog Whisperer" to help us out. Yesterday, Tara, the dog trainer came to our house for a 2-hour consultation and lesson. We wanted her to equip us to train Lucy in basic polite behavior. The main things we care about are her sitting to greet people instead of jumping up and not biting us when she is playing. We also want to get her ready for the arrival of Parks in November which means she needs to respond to all basic commands and get used to boundaries. Tara was amazing and gave us the tools we need to train Lucy. In minutes she had Lucy responding to "sit" and trading nicely with toys. There is so much dog psychology that I didn't know about but it makes so much sense. We have already been crate-training Lucy but we will also be tether training her so she has a "place" to go to in each room. We are confident that we can turn our little Lucifer into a Lucy again.

Here are some pics of our little Luce prior to meeting Tara

After meeting Tara, please note her new cool harness:


Jaime said...

You are so funny. Lucifer indeed. Perhaps Lucy can school the Kinz in proper dog behavior. When we got home from church today she had gotten trapped in Gracie's room and dug yet ANOTHER HOLE into our carpet. PAIN THAT.

P.S. I will have to put it out of my mind that Lucy's mom was a Lil'. Bow wow? Kim? Oh dear.

Lindsey Burke said...

Haha, I LOVE this post! I especially love the picture of "Lucifer" with her mouth gaping open and teeth bared before her transformation. She has such a precious face... so all in all another outstanding post from you Moto! Some of my friends here in VB either read your blog and love it or have heard from me or other friends how funny and witty it is and want to start reading it.

AndyandLex said...

Aww, though Lucifer she might act, she couldn't be any cuter. Yeah for puggle love!