Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 More Months!

I can't believe it. We only have three months to go before Parks is here with us! And that makes me in my third trimester! Yay! It is really flying by. I am so excited for all the fun things that will happen in the next few months. I have two baby showers coming up which I can't wait for and that will allow me to really get the nursery set up. Right now we just have the crib set up in the room. I can't wait to get started. We start our Childbirth class at Martha Jefferson (our hospital) in late September so that will be exciting too.

I feel like I haven't done much pregnancy blogging lately so I'll give everyone an update. I'm feeling great. I've been sleeping great, eating great, feeling good etc. Nothing to complain about, except occasional heartburn which is really strange for me because I thought only obese people had heartburn but I'll get it like 3 hours after I eat, especially at night. I don't even feel that big or uncomfortable yet. Parks moves alot and it sometimes feels like he is trying to escape! He rolls a lot and I feel his hands/elbows/feet sliding across my stomach. Sometimes the feelings are pretty insane, I wonder what he is up to. Our doctors appointments have been great, non-eventful, and pretty soon I think we will start to move to every two weeks! So far, I've gained 10 pounds so my conservative doctor is pleased and tells me I'm right on track for my 20-25lb total weight gain. I guess Parks will be packing on the lbs in the next couple months. Oh, my doctor also told me that Parks was not "measuring large" at my last appointment so that put me at ease. My doctor said he is following in my footsteps of being more like a 6-8lb baby instead of 9-10. I've been feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions every now and then which is kind of cool too.

Jackson told me that I have been much lower maintenance throughout the pregnancy than he had anticipated. I think he was expecting me to be a drama queen and using the pregnancy as an excuse to be treated like a princess. He has been pleasantly surprised and so have I. I haven't felt like the hormones have been out of control or anything too weird has happened with my moods and I haven't had any strong cravings. Praise the Lord!

Alright, consider yourself fully updated on all things Baby Andrews! Here is my 27 week belly shot! There's finally a baby belly after all this time!

Wow, I think I still feel a lot smaller than I look because I think this looks huge!

25 Weeks

20 Weeks

15 Weeks

13 Weeks

6 Weeks

Monday, August 25, 2008

When your jeans deserve more

I had some errands to run today. Drop off some RXs, go to the bank, get jeans hemmed. I had completed errands 1 and 2 and was on to errand 3, the jeans. These are brand new maternity jeans that Bertha G lovingly supplied me with (thank you bertha g!). See visuals A and B.



I haven't had anything altered in Charlottesville before so I had to find myself an alterations place. I was already out and about so I used google maps on my iphone to find some close places. Well, the first place I tried to go to was closed, The second place I tried to go was extremely sketchy. I walked into the store (which was also a laundromat and shoe repair place..this should have been my first clue) with my jeans and shoes and took one look around and walked out. It felt like I was in an illegal black market store or something. Creepy. Needless to say, I was not dropping off my precious preggo jeans at that "business" to be ruined or worse...lost! I got in the car and told my jeans, "You deserve more than that." I think they were very appreciative.

If anyone has any good recommendations for alterations places in Cville please post them!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the type of birth I want to have. The more I think about it, the more I really want to go "natural". Not natural as in homebirth (sorry blog hater), but natural as in no pain medications, etc. I also am really interested in getting a doula. I think if I had someone who was actively coaching me through labor it would be a lot easier to resist the meds. I am also worried about feeling out of control and I want someone there who will be an advocate for me. However, given the rather expensive price of a doula, I started thinking about how I could train Jackson to be my doula. I mentioned it to him this morning and asked if he would read some articles about pain management, etc. He said, "By you mean a book?" I love my husband to death, but I don't think being a doula is one of his gifts if you know what I mean.

My next prospect for a makeshift doula is my own mother, Bertha G. She has an obsession with babies, births etc and can often be found watching TLC's "A Baby Story" or "Bringing Home Baby". I was talking to her about wanting a doula and she immediately got off the phone to begin researching doula training and certification. Bertha G would make an excellent doula. Who knows, maybe she will be an official doula come November! That would be fun.

Does anyone have any opinions on childbirth and doulas?

P.S. How much fun could Bertha have with her nickname if she became a doula, how about...

Birthing with Bertha

Births by Bertha

Bertha the Birthing Doula


Sunday, August 3, 2008

23 Weeks Pregnant...

And finally showing! I have truly "popped" in every sense of the word. Look at the difference b/w 20 weeks and 23 weeks! It's amazing. My last doctors appointment was great and little guy is doing just fine. The ultrasound went amazing and our little Parks looks like he's gonna be a big boy! The doctors said he is over a week ahead in his weight. At 21 weeks he was 1 lb 3 oz. He's probably almost 2 pounds by now the little chunker. Looks like he will be taking after his father's side. Jackson and all his siblings were 9 or 10 pounders. :)

Here's a belly shot and the good 4-D pictures of Parks from the ultrasound. Enjoy!