Monday, August 11, 2008


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the type of birth I want to have. The more I think about it, the more I really want to go "natural". Not natural as in homebirth (sorry blog hater), but natural as in no pain medications, etc. I also am really interested in getting a doula. I think if I had someone who was actively coaching me through labor it would be a lot easier to resist the meds. I am also worried about feeling out of control and I want someone there who will be an advocate for me. However, given the rather expensive price of a doula, I started thinking about how I could train Jackson to be my doula. I mentioned it to him this morning and asked if he would read some articles about pain management, etc. He said, "By you mean a book?" I love my husband to death, but I don't think being a doula is one of his gifts if you know what I mean.

My next prospect for a makeshift doula is my own mother, Bertha G. She has an obsession with babies, births etc and can often be found watching TLC's "A Baby Story" or "Bringing Home Baby". I was talking to her about wanting a doula and she immediately got off the phone to begin researching doula training and certification. Bertha G would make an excellent doula. Who knows, maybe she will be an official doula come November! That would be fun.

Does anyone have any opinions on childbirth and doulas?

P.S. How much fun could Bertha have with her nickname if she became a doula, how about...

Birthing with Bertha

Births by Bertha

Bertha the Birthing Doula



christa said...

I think Jackson would make a good coach but I think Bertha is a much better Doula canidate. I still need to figure out what a Doula is so keep us posted on your findings!

Megan said...

I agree with Christa, I don't know what a Doula is(Doo-lah, Dow-la?) but it sounds promising! Maybe I'll be more educated by the time I'm ready to have a child. Oh and you should talk to Carolyn, she had an all natural birth with no medication. She liked it.

p.s. My vote "Birthing Bertha"

Jaime said...

My vote is on Births by Birtha.

Tell your readers that Doula is a greek word for "helper" (i think). Mark and I had a free doula in H'burg. I think Birtha could get er done for sure!

Grams said...

Oh, Bertha is soooo perfect for the Doula duty. She will be so into it. Nobody could do it better. Go Bertha!