Monday, August 25, 2008

When your jeans deserve more

I had some errands to run today. Drop off some RXs, go to the bank, get jeans hemmed. I had completed errands 1 and 2 and was on to errand 3, the jeans. These are brand new maternity jeans that Bertha G lovingly supplied me with (thank you bertha g!). See visuals A and B.



I haven't had anything altered in Charlottesville before so I had to find myself an alterations place. I was already out and about so I used google maps on my iphone to find some close places. Well, the first place I tried to go to was closed, The second place I tried to go was extremely sketchy. I walked into the store (which was also a laundromat and shoe repair place..this should have been my first clue) with my jeans and shoes and took one look around and walked out. It felt like I was in an illegal black market store or something. Creepy. Needless to say, I was not dropping off my precious preggo jeans at that "business" to be ruined or worse...lost! I got in the car and told my jeans, "You deserve more than that." I think they were very appreciative.

If anyone has any good recommendations for alterations places in Cville please post them!!

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Jaime said...

Can't Judy B help a siesta out?? I'd give them a call and ask where they recommend. They may have someone who does it in house.

Your jeans make me happy. The disc survey was right. You are MOSTLY attractive, siesta!