Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Buyer Beware...Again!

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Buyer that is. A couple months ago I purchased Parks' crib bedding from RH Baby & Child. I was overcome with delight when I saw their new line and fell in love their chic, sophisticated nurseries. I quickly chose my favorite bedding set for Parks and placed an order. Well, two months later when everything finally arrived (most of it was already backordered...pain that) I realize that none of the pieces match! This really pains me because one of the neat things about their line is that you pick a color theme: silver sage, petal or cloud, and then design your whole nursery around that color choice. Well I picked cloud and ordered 4 different items in "cloud". NONE OF THE "CLOUD"s MATCH! I got four very different shades of blue! I put the crib bedding together and it looks like I picked out colors in the dark! I was sooo disappointed. I would have been better off going to target and picking something from their chic DwellStudio line.

Needless to say I am returning all of the mis-matched merchandise and starting from scratch. Thank goodness I ordered it when I did and I still have time to start over. Restoration Hardware doesn't have any stores carrying the "Baby and Child" line right now and I can see why...the merchandise would never sell if people actually saw the bedding sets without being photoshopped first.

Just like with the Wendy's scam, I want my readers to be well-informed of corporate giant's trickery! No need to thank me for this public service announcement!

Nice Try RH!


Jaime said...

JIGGA WHAT?!!! That is unbelievable. I am throughly surprised. Selfishly, I thought of my invites directing your shower guests to the RH. Shame!

If you want, I can redirect our attendees via email of the change in registry. Do you still want other items??

Did you ask Kendra if she had a similar experience?? I know she registered there.

Megan said...

Absolute frustration. I am so sorry to hear of the hassle! How about Serena & Lily? They have adorable sets.

Lindsey Burke said...

That is just atrocious! You should file a false advertizing claim on them Moto. Ask to speak to "a member of management." :) Bertha showed me some of the new stuff that you were looking at though and it was super cute so at least like you said, you have plenty of time to pick something different.