Monday, September 15, 2008

Nursery Help Needed!

After my nursery nightmare with RH, I feel totally adrift in my nursery planning. Having to start from scratch has been a real pain. I am having such a hard time finding anything I like (that is also affordable). The only things I have to work around are: pretty stone/khaki walls, an espresso traditional crib, a "coffee" colored glider, and a baby blue painted family heirloom chest. So basically I have a blank slate but whatever I pick needs to go with the baby blue chest.

Finding cute crib bedding (for a boy) has been a much harder task than I ever imagined. I am desperate for something I really like. I have tried to make myself like a whole bunch of things, but when it comes down to it, I just don't like. Take themes for instance... I just cannot do a themed crib bedding. Jungle, safari, zoo, trains, planes, automobiles, lambs...I can't do it. They are cute, but I just know that I would walk into the nursery and feel like it wasn't right. Then you have the mod crib bedding. Ultra sleek, mod dots, very trendy and I'm just not sure that is me either. Maybe if I lived in an NYC loft it would be more appropriate, but I'm just not crazy about that look either.

The more I think about it, the more I think I want something simple, classic and preppy, maybe with a hint of nautical charm. That is really more my style if I could just find a crib bedding designer who had my taste!!! If you see anything that meets this description please let me know!


Jaime said...

Siesta- it is not that hard!!

Matlasse with maybe piping. Wasn't that your original theme? Pottery Barn kids!! I vote matlasse all white OR their organic dots bedding.

You have the fundamentals- victory is in view!!


Pottery barn kids - "Chase" crib bedding. It's crisp white with different tones of blue stripes. simple but pretty.