Friday, October 31, 2008

36 Weeks Doctor's Appt Update!

I feel like it has been forever since I've given everyone a pregnancy update! I cannot believe my baby ticker is finally in month 9! It is crazy, Parks will be here sooo soon! Jackson and I are over the moon excited.

Today I had my 36 week doctor's appoint with Dr. Wolanski. He did an internal exam which was really exciting and I am making some progress! Here's what's going on:

I'm 50% effaced, 1 cm dilated, and Parks is at -1 station (see visual below).

This by no means indicates that labor is imminent but it sure was fun to hear that my body is definitely getting ready for labor.

Dr. Wolanski said that Parks is still head down, is about 5lbs and will be probably right under 7lbs at delivery. He also said that I would most likely deliver before my due date and that I probably will not go past my due date! Hallelujah!

I was so happy with my appointment today and I am getting so excited for Parks to get here. I think I'm officially "nesting" and have found a sudden desire to do things that I would never have wanted to do like organize our closets and clean the bottom of our trashcans. Strange huh? Everything for Parks is ready to go. All his clothes, sheets, blankets, etc are washed and folded. I'm going to get our car seat installed at the Fire Station this coming week. I'm also going to pack my hospital bag. And then...just wait. Wait for our sweet baby boy to get here.

Belly shot coming soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Puggle

Our little Lucy has been quite the cutie lately. Jackson and I are over the worst part of her training and "puppy" behavior and have really enjoyed our little Puggle. Here is a photo essay of her most recent favorite activity and captions of what I think is going through her mind.

"Hi, I'm Lucy"

"I like to stare out the window and stalk the neighborhood dogs and squirrels."

"Sometimes, something catches my eye...and I need to take a closer look."

"Ugh! The blinds are always in my way!"

"Mom!! Can you please move these???"

"Nevermind...I've got it."

"Finally...a good view."

"That dog across the street is pretty cute!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

CVS: Part 1


Some of you know that recently I have been intrigued by the world of bargain shopping...specifically, CVS bargain shopping. I found this blog called "Money Saving Mom" and it is really fascinating. This Christian stay at home mom has created a website where she shares her frugal ways with many readers. She really is amazing. She feeds her husband and two little girls on $40/week! Her grocery budget also includes household products like toiletries and cleaning products! Holy Cow! When I read that I was put to shame. I mean let's be's hard for me to spend less than $100/week on groceries for only two people!! I starting thinking that if I could adopt even a few of her strategies, it would make a substantial difference in our budget.

So, I started reading about the CVS rewards program on her blog. She has a very informative section about how the program works and how to work it to your advantage. I thought I would give it a try so I ordered my rewards card online and wanted to start earning my ECBs (extra care bucks).

Today was my first day shopping at CVS. It was exciting. I researched the sales at my CVS online before I went and picked the products I needed the most and that generated the most ECBs. I was kind of nervous when I went in there. I was wondering if the sales would work, if I had purchased the right products to get the ECBs, etc. Here are the stats for my first trip. I know that any veteran CVS shoppers who might stumble upon this post would probably gasp at my initial expenditure but hey, I did the best I could.

Total money spent: $86.26
Total ECBs earned: $30.00

Items Purchased:

6- 12 pack diet pepsi's
Dayquil/Nyquil 40 count
Claritin 24 count
2 Colgate toothpastes
2 Always pads
3 pack Irish Springs Soap
Softsoap bodywash
3 packs of Duracell Batteries
4 SoyJoy bars

This means that now I have $30 to spend at CVS on anything I want. But, the smart way to work the system is to spend those ecbs on the next sales that will generate more ecbs so you constantly have ecbs to spend at CVS and end up having to spend very little out of pocket for a lot of very useful products.

I plan on using the CVS deals to purchase things like toiletries, cleaning products, detergents, paper products, medicines, etc. Think about how much this would help your budget to never have to "pay" out of pocket for these things again! Some of the things we won't use immediately, like the diet pepsi and toothpaste I just bought. But, when we do need it in a few weeks or months, I won't have to spend any money at the grocery store. I will just go to my little stockpile in the basement and get the products I need! I am really excited about this and will let you know how it goes.

Here is a pic of my goods:

Happy Bargain Shopping! Let me know if you have any tips or know anything about CVS bargain shopping.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Full Circle

I feel that I must bring everyone up to speed with my decision on diapering. After careful thought and consideration, I have decided that I will use disposable diapers. I want to thank all of you for your input, comments and suggestions on the whole diapering debate. I had some very helpful conversations with people who actually do cloth diapering day in and day out and those conversations helped me make the decision that I feel is right for me.

That said, I think cloth diapering is great and would support anyone's decision to do it. It just seems extremely time-intensive if you don't use a diaper service and if you do use a diaper really aren't saving any or very much money. One mom said that on diaper laundry day she spends about 4 hours going through all the cycles and getting them clean when she would rather be playing with her son. Also, I've been made aware of the extreme amounts of water and detergent you have to use in order to properly clean the diapers and that doesn't sound very eco-friendly either. I don't think disposable diapers are great for the environment or anything, but cloth diapers have their environmental shortfalls as well.

Pampers here we come!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Major Breach of Etiquette at Panera!

Here I am sitting at Panera, enjoying a hazelnut roast and doing some work for my job and I hear "clip"...."clip"...."clip". I look up and to my horror I see a man, probably in his 70s CLIPPING HIS NAILS at a table in Panera. Letting the nasty clippings fall where they may! I almost gagged. I mean....seriously??? There really is no excuse for that.