Friday, October 3, 2008

Major Breach of Etiquette at Panera!

Here I am sitting at Panera, enjoying a hazelnut roast and doing some work for my job and I hear "clip"...."clip"...."clip". I look up and to my horror I see a man, probably in his 70s CLIPPING HIS NAILS at a table in Panera. Letting the nasty clippings fall where they may! I almost gagged. I mean....seriously??? There really is no excuse for that.


Megan said...

Appalling. Did you stay there any longer? Or were you out the door in a flash only after telling the manager about his customer.

Hotlanta Hausfrau said...

Where are the baby shower pics? If you post some cute ness I shall post on the Hausfrau. Spit spit shake on it. Had a run-in with a lesbian at Starbucks= great blogging material. Gimmie the goods and I'll spill the bloggie goodies just for you. Ltr Gestatr~

Jaime said...

Did he bust out a wet vac after clipping and insist on using the outlet directly under your chair? Oh, wait. That happened. Sadness.