Sunday, November 9, 2008

37.5 Weeks!

Two and half weeks to go! Yay! I had my 37 week appt on Friday and there wasn't much to report. I'm still 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. However, Parks has dropped even lower to 0 station which is good news! He is "fully engaged" as my doctor says which should make for a pretty smooth delivery. Please pray that I don't happen to go into labor Nov doctor will be out of town!

For the inquiring minds that want to know, I've gained a total of 19 pounds! Hopefully it will be easy to lose.

37.5 Weeks!

We got our carseat installed at the fire station on Friday which was really fun. I now have my little Peg Perego sitting in my backseat all ready to go! It's so fun to see it in the car. I also packed my hospital bag this weekend for myself and Parks. I think I'm packing a lot of stuff but I'd rather be over-prepared than under. Now I'm just doing some work from home, cleaning and organizing and trying to keep myself busy. I keep wondering what I"ll be doing when I go into labor and where Jackson will be.

I'll keep you posted, my next appt is Nov. 17th!


Kristin said...


I was so excited to see your little space in the blogosphere! I am praying for you and for Parks. All the best in these upcoming weeks.


joan said...

wow, the car seat had to be installed at the fire station? that sounds intense! i always thought you just seatbelted them in. although now that i think about it, that probably wouldn't be the most secure thing in the world... but it could definitely turn out to be quite the adrenaline rush... which i'm sure is the whole point of having a car seat in the first place. haha :)

Anonymous said...

why did you have to get it installed at the firestation?

mattie said...

you look wonderful!!!


Looking good Cousin! That weight will fall off, your young you will bounce back in no time.