Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Car Seat

I thought I would clarify what I meant by getting our carseat "installed" at the Fire Station since I got some comments about it. Fire Stations provide a free service where they install your carseat properly and show you how to make sure your carseat is safely installed. You set up an appointment and they spend about 20 minutes showing you all the things to check for to make sure your seat is safe. It was really helpful for us. Carseats are not that easy to install (at least for first timers) and it is definitely something that you want to make sure is done right! You certainly don't have to get your seat installed at the Fire Station but I would highly recommend it to any new parent.


Jaime said...

There is nothing better than a rock-solid car seat installation for a new parent. Good job, siesta!

I'm amazed at how tiny you are. Make sure you eat enough calories after the baby is here! You will be nursing, and you don't want to be too skinny mini. I shall advocate your eating, make no mistake.

joan said...

hahaha. i was totally imagining a firefighter man in his whole yellow fireproof getup, hammering your carseat in for you. :D