Friday, November 14, 2008

I Love Giant!

I am totally on a money-saving kick right now! Thanks to I have been totally inspired to stretch our dollars further. I never, ever thought I would be the type to enjoy clipping coupons and looking for "deals" at the grocery store but I'll tell you is addicting and FUN!

I've recently switched to Giant for my main grocery store. I used to shop at Harris Teeter and thought I was getting "good deals" with my VIC card....yeah right. That was a joke. I can't tell you how much just switching to Giant has helped our grocery budget. At Harris Teeter, I was having difficulty buying food for just 2 people for a whole week under $120. On my last trip to Giant, I spent $88 (after coupons) and had plenty of food to last us an entire 7 days and this included six legitimate dinner meals! I was so excited! I can't wait to go this week and see how well I can do.

My strategy so far has been to look at the weekly circular for Giant that comes out on Thursdays and see what is on sale. I try to find the best deals they are having and then find coupons to make them even better deals!

For example, this week at Giant, any Betty Crocker brownie or cake mix is on sale for $1. I have a manufacturer's coupon for .55 cents off when you buy 2. So, each brownie mix will only cost me about .75 cents. Now to a pro bargain shopper, this may not be a good deal, but I was the person who would pay almost $3 for a brownie mix at Harris Teeter and think it was a cheap purchase! So to go from $2.97 to .75 is major progress!

Another great deal I found was on Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables. They are on sale right now at Giant on a 5 for $4 deal. So, that puts them at .80 cents a piece. I have a coupon for $1.00 off when you buy three frozen vegetables, so my total price per box after sale and coupon is .47 cents!

So, after I look at the circular and match coupons, I plan my meals for the week around those good deals. I make a list of exactly what I need and shop off that list.

Kroger also has some really good deals so I think I am going to use both store's circulars and take the best from both stores. I plan on going grocery shopping either Sunday or Monday so I will report back and let you know about my supermarket steals!


Teri said...

I am so impressed. Way to save that money!! You inspire us all.

Grams said...

I am in shock! From the girl who was totally "labled-out" to one who finds it exciting and fun to clip coupons is amazing. I'm impressed, too, and so very proud of you!