Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He's Growing!

I'm sure there will be a point where my posts are not exclusively focused on Parks, but for now, it's just my reality. Please bear with me.

Yesterday we had our 1 week check-up with our pediatrician. Parks is doing awesome! He was 7lbs 5oz when we took him last Monday to meet with the lactation consultant at our pediatricians office. This monday he was 8lbs 4oz! He gained almost a whole pound in a week! Our doctor was very pleased and said we are doing great. He also said that we can let Parks sleep as long as he will go during the night and we don't have to wake him up to feed anymore since he is doing so well with his weight gain. Yay! We got almost 5 straight hours last night followed by another 3.5 hours of good sleep. Praise the Lord!

He is seriously filling out the newborn clothes we have for him, they are almost too tight for him to wear. Bring on the 0-3 months clothes!


Grams said...

You're both beautiful. Love it each time you have new pictures.

Teri said...

Wow, beautiful mom and beautiful baby. He is definitely growing. I can tell in the pictures. Thanks for posting.

Jaime said...

Siesta, you look FABU! Is that a new lipstick color? The pink looks good on you!

Yes, I saw Parks too. He is adorable, of course. :)