Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Pics

Update: Parks is doing great! Jackson and I both said this morning, "This is much more relaxing than we thought it would be." My mom left on Tuesday and we have been all alone in our cozy home since then and we are really enjoying ourselves. It's weird being here just the three of us (plus Lucy of course) but we are loving it. Baby Parks is such a good little boy, he eats well, sleeps well, rarely cries and has been such a joy. Maybe we were blessed with an "Angel Baby" or maybe this is the calm before the storm...I'm not sure yet :) Either way, we are grateful for a good first week, it definitely helps the confidence of a new parent!

Enjoy some more pics of Parks!


Megan said...

Finally! A reason to Blog stalk - to see sweet photos of Parks.

Grams said...

How adorable. Did you "spike" his hair? He looks so cute! Thank you for all the pictures. Can't wait to see him. We will see him over Christmas sometime. We'll come up there if you aren't home when we are in VA Beach.

Jaime said...

So cute. I can't wait to babysit!!!

joan said...

everyone at connect couldn't stop commenting on parks' beautiful head of hair! :)

i love how lucy's trying so hard to figure out what's going on with this new little person in the house. :)

i miss you guys! hope to see you and meet parks soon!