Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Babywise, Blowouts & Buntings

My baby is officially 2 months old tomorrow! I can't believe it. I love him more each day. I am trying to savor each day with him. I know it will pass so quickly. I find myself getting emotional because "He will never be 6/7/8 weeks old again..." I'm sure with subsequent children you don't have the time to be so sentimental. But right now, my days are pretty much entirely focused on taking care of him and loving him and I absolutely love it! He is a precious little man.

All the gushyness aside, I can't say enough about how much I love the Babywise routine! Some of my friends recommended it to me and I read it before I had Parks. I liked the idea from the start. Babywise is a book that lays out a "flexible routine" for life with an infant. Basically it is a 2-3 hour routine that goes like this: eat, awake, nap, repeat for the entire day. The whole purpose of the routine is to assist the infant in organizing their sleep and wake times resulting in early and consistent nighttime sleep. I can tell you, it works! Parks has been sleeping 7-8 hours at night for two weeks now! I put him down around 10 and then he wakes at 6 to eat, and often falls back asleep until 8! Not too bad for a wee one. Another major accomplishment we had last week was napping in the crib! My mom helped me get started with this one. Before I was putting him down, I was basically letting him decide when he wanted to nap, which resulted in an overly tired, cranky baby who was constantly being carried around. This meant that by the end of the day I was completely exhausted from carrying around a 10 pound baby all day long. I always intended to put him in his crib to nap but in the early days I didn't feel good about letting him "cry it out" at 2, 3, 4 weeks old. When I was in VB my mom observed my worn down state and said, "It's TIME" and I agreed! I've been putting him down for naps now and he loves it! He is happy and playful when he is awake and he gets great daytime rest and has actually been sleeping better at night since we began the regular naps. Not to mention my life is transformed! I can count on his naptimes and get work done when he sleeps.

Now, on to subject #2 blowouts! Luckily we haven't had that many (and never in public, yet)....but when he blows...he BLOWS! It's like he stores up for a week and then lets it all out. It's both disgusting and hilarious at the same time. I often find myself laughing and gagging at the same time while dealing with the aftermath of his explosions. I will spare you a picture of what I'm talking about but I assure you there have been times when we have had to document that sheer magnitude of what this child can do! It's really quite remarkable!

Today was an "Ice Day" in Cville which meant that Jackson got to stay home with us. There was a small amount of snow outside so I insisted that we put Parks in his bunting and take him outside for pictures of "Baby's First Snow". Can you tell we didn't have much to do? I'm not sure what he thought of it, but I sure had fun.

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Megan said...

That's it. I am coming over tonight. I don't even care if he has a blowout in front of me.

Megan said...

I need some help with that schedule and crib napping...Noah hates the crib.
Also I see that Parks & Noah have matching frog outfits..I'm thinking a photo shoot is in order

christa said...

I love it! I can't even mention the word 'blowout' to Beau. I think if I do it again, we might not have any babies. All of our children will have to be adopted after diapers!


Hey Lady! Good job with the schedule! Love the picture of you guys outside on the porch... so cute.

Lindsey Burke said...

Parks is so cute I can't stand it. I get temporary insanity when I look at your blog and entertain thoughts of moving my baby timeline up! The pictures of him smiling melt my stone heart and the pictures of him looking at the camera with crazy eyes make me laugh. Keep fattening him up for me!