Friday, January 30, 2009

Because I Care

I am posting another PSA (like my Wendy's and Restoration Hardware PSAs) for my dear readers. Why? Because I care sisters!


If your wedding ring looks anything like this

OR this

You are at risk for developing a rash on your ring finger! I have now come in contact with at least 5 cases of this mysterious "wedding band rash". Most women think it is just a personal reaction to the rings or they may be allergic to the metal. This is what I thought when my rash appeared. Many cases have become so severe that the poor women were forced to remove their rings! I want to take the time to inform you that if you or anyone you know is suffering from the wedding band rash...there is a cure! Unfortunately, the diagnosis is not pretty. The rash is a fungus! Do not deceive yourself and think that taking it off at night or putting moisturizer will help. It will not. The rash will persist. The cause is moisture that gets trapped in the little grooves under your ring due to the pave setting. Normal activities such as washing your hands or washing dishes lets the moisture in.

If you or a loved one has this rash, RUN don't WALK to the nearest dermo and request a prescription for Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide. It will completely clear the irritation in a few days. After the rash is gone, if your hands are going to be submerged in water, take your rings off. Do not shower or wash dishes in your rings and if you wash your hands, make sure to dry them thoroughly (under your ring).

Please spread the word to anyone you know who has this "rash". '

Over and out.



James gets a rash under his wedding ring every now and then! I sometimes tease him that he is allergic to our marriage and his finger is rejecting me, lol :) But his does not have the groves where the water could get trapped.

nrsimone said...

mallory -
i wanted to let you know that
i read your blog and
love it and have added it to my blog list
(I don't know what blog etiquette is so I always want to let people know before i put their link on my page) And so you know, if Parks ever gets Thrush, the nystatin is what takes care of that as well. I just love the dialogues you create - we all learn so much!

Jaime said...

I'll try my very, very hardest to sympathize with your pave rash, siesta. I know it must be such a nuisance to have to remove those diamonds to scrub your dishes. Indeed... :)

Forget about that! Did you get your hair done yet?!!

Lindsey Burke said...

Marta, can we PLEASE have some pictures of your new hair?? You tempt us with these posts and then leave us hanging for days on end. I know you've got a newborn doing blowouts and all that jazz but seriously, let's get the priorities straight!