Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update-11 weeks

I think I'm a little overdue in posting some pictures of my boy! He is getting SO big and is probably a hefty 14 pounds by now. He was 13 at his 2 month check up and in the 75th percentile for height and weight!

Can you believe he used to be this tiny?

ALSO, I had the priviledge of hosting a baby shower with my friend Megan, for our sweet friend Reta today. She is having a little girl in April and we had our community group girls over today and helped get Reta ready for little baby Evelynn. Here is a picture of our table and the diaper cake we made! It was our first one, and it was so fun to make. We had such a good time and are excited to meet this new little one :)

Okay, consider yourself partially updated! Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. Jackson gave me a rose this morning and said it was from my two Valentines...him and Parks! There is just nothing sweeter than the love of my two boys!


Megan said...

Noah has two of those same exact outfits Parks is wearing...we need to do pics of them matching.
I'm glad I got to see the little bundle this weekend!!

Lindsey Burke said...

Oh my gosh,O.E. and I looked just through all the pictures and we were laughing so hard at the faces Parks was making in each of the pictures. I started to name the ones we thought were the funniest in this comment but then I realized that they were all hysterical. Love these blog updates complete with pictures!

Mattie said...

i love the pictures, and i want to meet him sooo bad. he is just sooo cute, and im in love with all his hair!!! hope everything is going well and that ill be able to see him soon!! love you guys!!

Jaime said...

Cuteness. Your shower looks fabu, siesta, way to pull through.

You also look awesome in pink, btw!

Parks is adorable, of course!