Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"...a little Elvira..."

Several months ago I had an interesting hair appointment. I was about 8 months pregnant and I was in need of some color and a haircut. As most of you know, I dyed my hair back to brown last sumnmer to be more "low maintenance and economical". Like most pregnant women, I wanted to have good hair when the baby came. So I went to a nice hair salon in Cville and was excited to spend a couple hours being beautified.

I discussed my hair needs with my stylist (who by the way, I had never met or been to before). I told him that I was in the process of getting back to my natural color and I needed to do an all-over semi-permanent color. He looks at me and goes "So, you want to give it some more color?". I said, "Well, no I want to get it back to my natural color." He says, "Well, I'm going to have to put some red or something in the color because your natural color is...a little Elvira!". Hold up, did Mr. Hair Stylist just say my hair looked like Elvira?? Oh yes he did. Note to all hairstylists: NEVER TELL A WOMAN SHE LOOKS LIKE ELVIRA...ESPECIALLY NOT AN 8 MONTH PREGNANT WOMAN!!

It only gets worse, he then proceeded to explain his comment. He tells me I have very fair skin and ashy brown hair, thus producing the Elvira effect. I'm the first to admit, I think my hair is more flattering in a lighter shade, but to compare me to Elvira??? I'm not so sure. Say it isn't so blogosphere!!!

You be the judge:
ELVIRA, "Mistress of the Dark"

Mallory, "Mistress of the Domestic"


ruthie said...

bahaha! Mallory, you crack me up. Seriously, that stylist is clueless.

Megan said...

As a fellow fair skinned brunette I say you are beautiful and he's a freak. I went to get my bangs trimmed once and the stylist told me I didn't look good with bangs...I had had them for years...
Where do these people come from
P.S.-Parks is to tiny in that pic!

Jaime said...

Siesta, you don't look the least like Elvira, though I do prefer the blonde. He gets paid more for highlights, that's all. Michael failed at pitching the vision.