Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's hard to know how to respond after the passionate discussion sparked by my last post.  I honestly had no idea how many people read my blog, and trust me, it's not that much at all compared to other blogs, but I thought it was only like 30 of my family and friends.  I was wrong.  I am able to see how many hits I get a day and the geographic location of the visitors, and how they found the blog. So I know there are many, many people who read this blog that I don't know.  The effects of the last post have caused me to seriously re-think the purpose for my blog and the current structure or lack thereof for guiding discussion sparked by my writing. After discussing this with my husband, here are a few principles and changes we've agreed to going forward:

  • I welcome anyone to read this blog.  I enjoy reading other people's blogs that I have not personally met and will continue to keep this an open blog. 
  • The purpose of this blog is to be a place to share my life, pictures, thoughts, stories and opinions.  When I write, I'm thinking of my friends and family.  These are the primary people with whom I discuss my blog and they are often my inspiration.  
  • I have a Christian/Biblical worldview and that serves as the premise for my writing.  I enjoy talking with those who share different views, but will not apologize for and defend my opinions on this blog ad nauseam.
  • I welcome constructive, respectful comments and will attempt to answer all comments, even those who hold a different view.  However, the purpose of this blog is not for me to spend all day defending my beliefs to people who are just looking for an argument.  
  • I will no longer allow anonymous posting.
  • I will enable the "comment moderation" feature so I will approve comments before they appear on the blog.  This is not to silence those that don't agree with me at all;  I welcome different views.  However, I will not accept comments that are rude or include a personal attack on me or someone else.  My blog is mostly funny and upbeat, and when I do write about something more serious, I always want to keep the tone respectful.  

I'll conclude with a few thoughts on how I approach blogging.  I read blogs of people I like.  I enjoy what they write and often find it encouraging or inspirational or just funny.  I don't understand reading and commenting on a blog that you profoundly disagree with.  I write from a Christian worldview and if you don't share that, you probably will disagree with much of what I write.  That is ok.  I'm thankful that blogs can be a way of sharing opinions and learning from others.  I want to make it clear that I welcome people with different views to visit my blog and comment. However, if my writing is going to continually be a burr in your side and you will find it difficult to comment respectfully, I recommend that you don't read my blog for your own well-being.  Otherwise, enjoy!  I look forward to more great discussions.


Megan said...

Well Said!
That was quite the ordeal!

christa said...

I was just going to comment that you're next post should be on gender roles and 'submission'. :-)

You did a nice job yesterday - I was shocked to open your blog and see 45 comments! I just checked my analytics and 50% of all my 'hits' are referred from your blog. In a marketing world, I'd be paying top dollar to be 'advertised' with those Andrews!

I like your new blogging boundaries - bring it on!

christa said...

Now that you can moderate comments, can you edit my typo? "You're" should be "your". Ha ha!


WOW! I had such a heavy heart last night when I read the post below. Talk about feeling attacked, I even felt it! It's really too bad that a family blog that is meant for something pure and wonderful could be taken over with such negativty. You handled it well my brave cousin. I wouldnt have even responded.

Proud of You!

The Vandevers said...


I secretly made a blog almost right after we talked and have not shared it yet for this very reason. Yikes. I think you handled the crazy posting very well. I am following your blog and have been very encouraged by it. Thanks for introducing me to the blogosphere. (I can't believe I just used that word!) Our- but mostly my- blog is www.thevandevers.blogspot.com. Ok I put it out there. I had better go change my comment filters. :)


Emily said...

Mallory, I am impressed, and very proud of your for defending your point. I really enjoyed reading all the posts from yesterday, and was amazed at how composed you remained throughout the discussion. I commend you for standing up for what you believe. Thanks.

mallory said...


I like that idea of doing a post on gender roles and submission! I think I might limit my controversial posts to once a month or something...maybe I'll do a "Hot Topic" post monthly. That will give me some time to prepare something well thought out and interesting and also time to regroup mentally from the previous post. Yesterday wore me out!