Monday, April 20, 2009

Let Me Clarify

I think my wording of the poll was unclear.  I'm not referring to the rare use of a spouse's toothbrush in a desperate situation, i.e. on a trip when one spouse forgets their toothbrush.   I'm referring to the habitual use of a spouse's toothbrush at home when both spouse's have their own toothbrushes.  Please vote according to that scenario. 



Anonymous said...

How about -
I am indifferent - but it really begs the question as to why to have two toothbrushes. I'd be more concerned about the waste of money on owning two if only one gets used. hehe.


The Vandevers said...

Jason is really funny about this. Even if we are in a precarious situation where a toothbrush must be shared, he will opt to forego the toothbrushing until we can buy/acquire a new one. Very strange. I think he would vote that some things are not meant to be shared as well....