Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleeping Update

Warning: This is a totally baby related post, if you have no interest in baby sleep habits, don't read. 

Parks has returned to sleeping through the night (from around 8 pm  to 6 or 7 am)!  We didn't try the rice cereal yet, but I did let him CIO (cry it out for the non-mommy bloggers....gasp!) for two nights in a row.  He woke up at around 4 and I let him cry, he only cried for 20 minutes and went right back to sleep.  I of course went in his room and patted his back and reassured him I was there and he was ok and then I left.  The next night he only cried for ten minutes.  And ever since then he is back to sleeping through the night.  My pediatrician assured me that once he demonstrated he was capable of sleeping through the night, it was A-ok to let him cry and he would certainly be able to make it until morning before needing to eat again.  In fact, it was his advice to let him cry instead of establishing a new pattern of feeding in the night.  

My next accomplishment is putting him in his crib awake for naps and letting him learn to fall asleep on his own! I have gradually gotten to this point.  When he was first born, I would literally walk him around the house patting his back to lull him to sleep.  When he reached about 12 pounds, I couldn't take that anymore.  So, I started rocking him to sleep for naps and nursing him to sleep at night and had been doing that up until a week ago.  The bigger he gets (17 pounds now), the harder it is to even rock him! So, I have finally moved to putting him in his crib, drowsy but awake and guess what....he sleeps better and longer!  Now when I put him down he barely even cries and puts himself right to sleep.  What freedom! I feel like every month my life becomes a little more free. Oh the simple joys of being a new mother, maybe some of you can relate :) 



Thank goodness he is sleeping through the night again! More for your sake then his...

17 pounds! WOW! You must have so potent BM girl! Adalie is only 18.5 lbs as of Friday... I guess she is teeny for age?

mallory said...

Hah, yes Parks is in the 75% percentile. We had a playdate with an 11 month old on Friday and she was 18.5 as well!