Thursday, May 14, 2009

hitting the pavement

Yes folks, I will be hitting the pavement to get in shape for the summer! I just purchased my BabyJogger Summit 360 and have taken it out for two runs so far.  It's sweet.  Now...if only I could run longer than 5 minutes before stopping! All my mommy friends are pretty serious runners so I figured I needed to step it up in this department.  Who knows, I might even sign up for a race!  



You should do the Chicago half with us in September!! You have plenty of time to train and it will be a fun girls with babies weekend!! I hope you will consider it. Good luck and keep us updated on your running adventures.

P.S. Research shows you get a 30% better/harder work out pushing a stroller!

mallory said...

Wow that sounds fun! Are yall going to push the babies in strollers?


No, no strollers. 13.1 miles is too long to push a stroller and too long for the babies to sit in the strollers. We are having my friend Claire & Celia's sisters watch them. Claire's sister is 36 and Celia's sisters are 23 & 25. They all three live in the city so we have free babysitters! You could always bring your Mom, Linds or a friend to watch Parks while you run if you don't want the sisters to do it. It would be great to have you and Parks! t If you join then it would be 4 Mommies and our friend Nicki. It's September 12th I think I'll have to double check though.

Joanna said...

Mallory -- Mrs Pepper here ! Diana (Dunlap) Klevens pointed me in your blog direction. She recently found me on FB and I've enjoyed catching up with her. I've been reading over some of your blog posts and am thrilled to see how well you're thriving! Congratulations (a little late) on marriage and mommyhood! How exciting!!

Take Care,
Mrs Pepper