Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parks & Noah

Parks and his bff Noah had a lovely play date this morning. These two extremely good looking babies had a wonderful time together. Parks loved watching his 14 pound friend do all kinds of sweet yoga positions, including downward dog (yes, for real). Parks tried to copy Noah, but toppled over because it turns out 19 pounds is a lot harder to move than 14. Enjoy!

when babies attack

"What'd I do??"

this playdate is over
parks was hogging the toys
not your best work, boys
Noah, check out my skillz!


Megan said...

Whose foot is in a cast???

Those boys are so cute together. I bet it is so entertaining to watch them interact!

Lindsey Burke said...

Oh my gosh, I love these pictures! Wish I could have been at that playdate...

Megan said...

They were too cute! You forot to mention how Noah grabbed a handful of Parks's hair and tried to eat it!
Noah started sitting up by himself today, I think Parks inspired him!