Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Peek Into Our Day...(and a babywise plug)

I get asked fairly often what I do during the day. Not in a mean way or anything, but people just like to know how Parks and I spend our day. I thought I would give you a peek into a typical day for me with a six month old. Here goes!

7:00 AM: Parks wakes up. We go downstairs. Mommy drinks coffee. Parks gets fed yummy rice cereal mixed with fruit. Then he nurses.

7:30 AM: Breakfast is done. Parks plays with his toys, reads books, jumps in the jumperoo and spends quality time with Mommy. I'm usually totally devoted to Parks during this time, I don't do housework or anything else, we just play.

9:00 AM: Parks gets sleepy, it's naptime! I lay him down for a nap and then I look forward to 1.5 to 2 hours of free time! This is when I will do laundry, clean our room/bathroom, take a shower and get ready for the day.

11:00 AM: Parks wakes up. Time to eat again! This time it's lunch with a yummy pureed vegetable such as green beans, butternut squash, sweet peas or avocado. Then he nurses again.

11:30 AM: Lunch is done, during this waketime, we either go on an outing or we stay home and play or go for a stroll. Our normal outings include: a trip to visit friends, a trip to Target, sometimes a lunch with Daddy, or a trip to the grocery store.

1:30ish PM: Parks is tired again. Time for the afternoon nap! I put Parks down and have about an hour and a half to do whatever I want. This usually turns into blogging, surfing the internet for who knows what, emailing, phone calls.

3:00 PM: Parks wakes up. Time for another meal! He eats another veggie and nurses again.

3:30 PM: Playtime or another errand.

5:00ish PM: Daddy comes home! This is his favorite time of the day. Daddy gets big smiles and giggles from Parks.

6:00 PM: Mommy and Daddy have dinner, Parks plays with toys in his highchair.

7:00ish PM: Bathtime! Parks loves bathtime and splashing in the water. Jackson and I do this together every night, it is a fun little family ritual.

7:10 PM: Get in jammies.

7:30 PM: Nurse again.

7:45ish PM: Night night! See you tomorrow!

8:00 PM: Hang out with Jax! :)

I love the predictability of our schedule now. Granted, it is always in flux a little bit as he needs less sleep during the day, but each day has the same rhythm. It is awesome to know that I have two chunks of time each day to get things done. I credit our routine totally to Babywise. Babywise has gotten a bad rap for being harsh and not listening to the needs of your baby. This could not be further from the truth. The whole Babywise philosophy is that the parent knows best, not the child. Just like when a two year old wants to eat candy every two hours, as a parent you know that is not the best for them so you say no. If it were up to them, they would form terrible habits. As parents, it is our job to direct their habits. Babywise recommends the same loving, parental intervention in the lives of newborns and infants. They don't come out of the womb knowing to sleep at night, you have to help them. They don't realize that they need to nap during the day, you have to help them establish these healthy patterns.

I implemented it from day one and it has definitely paid off. Parks was sleeping through the night at around 6 or 7 weeks with a predictable nap schedule by about 3 months. We have had a couple set-backs here and there but that is normal and we go with the flow when that happens. I don't find it rigid at all, in fact, Babywise says over and over that the routine is to serve you not shackle you, if you need to make adjustments to the schedule for your baby, do it! I think babies thrive on routine and predictability with their eating and sleep times. I'm not a rigid person anyways so I always balance Babywise with my maternal instincts which is exactly what the book says to do. For example, Parks needed to eat more frequently than Babywise said was the normal for his age. He was on a 2.5 hour schedule for a LONG time. Then we gradually moved to a 3 hour routine and then 3.5 and then about a month ago, to a 4 hour routine. This was not the classic "Babywise" schedule for his age, but I saw that his needs were different so I made the routine fit his needs (which is what the book says to do!). I'm not saying Babywise is for everyone, but I do think it has received unnecessary criticism and I like to give credit where credit is due. I know everybody has their own philosophy but I just wanted to share mine and how well it has worked for me.



Hey Mallory,

Looks like you have a great schedule going. It is actually the same exact schedule Adalie was on up until she turned 1. I never used babywise and don't know much about it. Adalie just naturally put herself on this schedule.

The one thing different now that she is older is she is taking on long afternoon nap (2-4 hours) instead of two shorter ones. This is nice because we can do things in the morning and then she naps from 1-4ish.

Thanks for the glimpse into your day. I hope to meet Parks SOON!

Kendall said...

Mallory! What is Babywise?
Id love to email you! Shoot me an email!

Glad you're doing so great!!!

Megan said...

Wow! Parks is very "by the book"!