Monday, June 1, 2009

the two letter word

This past week a new word entered my mommy vocabulary.  I uttered that two letter word that I will probably say countless times from here on out..."no".  Until now, my most commonly used phrases have been: "Good Job Parks!" "Whatcha doing buddy?!" "Good Boy!" and "How's my baby?!"

It was a funny moment.  Parks was sitting in his bumbo on the kitchen counter (yes, I was standing right there, it was safe) and he started reaching for the paper towels.  He was able to grab them and pull them off the paper towel stand and was beginning to create a mess.  I said, "No no Parks".  I thought to myself, "Here we go...we are entering 'training territory'.  I am no longer only responsible for cuddles and feedings.  I will be responsible for training his actions, shaping his heart, and disciplining him.  Lord, help!" 

It was a simple moment, nothing serious...just a six month old reaching for paper towels.  But it was a defining moment nonetheless.  I realized that even at this early tender age, I am beginning to lay the framework for future discipline and training.  Parks needs to learn early on that I am in charge.  Understand that I am not talking about spanking or punishing a six month old baby, hardly!  But I am talking about those little teaching moments where you start to say "no" and the baby learns that there are boundaries and they are not the decision makers, mom and dad are.  

I really like the idea of preparing for what is ahead.  When I was pregnant I was devouring Babywise, The Baby Whisperer and other baby books that were recommended to me.  Now that I'm mothering an infant I'm reading about potty-training and godly discipline for toddlers.  I know that you can't have everything perfectly nailed down from reading a book, but I want to do the best job I can at parenting.  I don't want to just fly by the seat of my pants and hope it works, I want to do it well.  After all, you only get one chance.

So now that the "no" word is officially in regular rotation in my vocabulary I thought I would ask what parenting books you have read that you liked or have heard good things about.  On my list to read now are:

Grace Based Parenting: Tim Kimmel
Shepherding A Child's Heart: Tedd Tripp
Dare to Discipline: James Dobson 

Any thoughts on godly parenting resources or books? 


nrsimone said...

I really like John Rosemond. He wrote "Making The Terrible Twos Terrific," and actually just spoke in Williamsburg. He's a trained psychologist and has amazing insight on toddlers up to teenagers. He's more about philosophy than specific techniques or strategies.


You will be surprised how fast he will learn and understand what the word "no" means. I am astounded everytime Adalie hears me say it, turns and looks at me to make sure I am serious and then backs away from whatever I am telling her not to do or not to touch. She actually has never disobeyed..... yet :)

Jaime said...

To Train Up A Child by Pearl. It is kind of freakshow amish like, but nonetheless helpful. Way to go siesta! Parks will be well trained I'm sure!

Grams said...

You'll do a great job. There was a book (WAY back when your mother was young!)called "Children are Wet Cement". Very good. You can probably find it.

Kristie said...

Another one in the Tedd Tripp is "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. It's written from a mom's perspective, which is nice. I also highly recommend "Between Parent and Child" by Ginott. Talks about how to prevent discipline problems. A little bit touchy-feely psychology, but it's good to have a different perspective.