Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Girls Night

Last weekend was the first time I had been out with girls since Parks was born...seven looong months ago! Jackson was sweet and watched Parks while I went out on the town with this lovely group of ladies for Mary Elizabeth's birthday.

Let me tell you...we had a good time. We went to The Banque in Norfolk. It is a country line dancing place and it draws an....interesting crowd. All six of us probably looked pretty out of place in there, but we had a blast. We gave line dancing our best shot even though we probably looked ridiculous. I had a margarita and stayed out until about 12! I felt like I was living on the edge! All six of us are married and three of us are moms so it was a really fun group to go out with. We'll have to visit the Banque again sometime...hopefully it won't be another 7 months from now :)

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christa said...

You all look glamourous! Sounds like a fun night! :-)