Monday, July 6, 2009

The Lake

Jackson and I got to spend the fourth at his parent's beautiful home on Smith Mountain Lake. Going to the lake is always a good time, but bringing Parks made it even more fun! He absolutely loved it and had so much fun exploring new things and of course, snuggling with his Mama Boo and Papa! We got some cute pictures of our adventures :)

Beep beep

Faster Papa, Faster!
Daddy loves the four wheeler
with Daddy on the boat
I. Hate. This. Thing.
You're gonna pay for this mom, just you wait.

I like to chill on the dock with my Mama Boo
I like to feel the breeze on my baby soft skin

First trip to the park for Parks

Slide with Dad

our family of three

fun fun
this swing is crazy
a pea in a pod
i guess this is fun.

Parks' first slide ever, I had to document it!


Megan said...

Those photos are so sweet. You'll love having everything documented someday. But don't forget to get some pictures of yourself too! You're such a cute mom.

Hillery said...

i completely agree with Megan! you are one HOT mama, and your hub aint so bad too :) what a beautiful family. i cant wait to snuggle with parks!

Grams said...

Great pictures. Thanks. Too bad about Jackson's bite. So sorry he is having such a hard time with it.

Jaime said...

I love the pictures of him on the swing. Adorable!! Miss you, friend!!

christa said...

It looks like you all had a great time! Parks is so adorable - I love all of his expressions!