Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MAC Attack

I love MAC makeup products and have been buying them exclusively for several years. I recently decided to branch out and try some comestics from Target. I thought, is there really a difference in quality?? Am I just paying more for the MAC name??

I discovered the answer is YES, there IS a difference in quality and NO, I'm not just paying more for the MAC name (well, maybe a little bit, but the product is way better).

So the first lineup was MAC X Mascara vs. L'oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara. The winner was the MAC hands down. The L'oreal mascara consistency was runnier (?) and didn't go on as nicely as the MAC. The brush was also pretty large which made it difficult to put on more precisely. It also smudged very easily.

Verdict: MAC: 4 stars L'oreal: 2 stars

Next up I tested my tried and true MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation vs. Sonia Kashuk's Perfecting Liquid Foundation. If by "perfecting" Sonia means "oil increasing" then yes, this product is a hit. An hour after I put this on my face looks like I dipped it in a plate full of grease. The foundation looks shiny almost immediately after you put it on. I wasn't impressed with the coverage either. The MAC leaves a beautiful, porcelain doll look with a matte finish that lasts for hours.

Verdict: MAC: 5 stars Sonia Kashuk: 1 star

Another observation....the "drug store brands" are NOT that cheap! I think the Sonia Kashuk foundation was like $9 and I'm pretty sure my MAC is only like $12 or $13. I will continue paying a few more dollars for the MAC quality!


Megan said...

Girl don't feel bad. Quality make-up is worth it and, as you know, makes a difference. I use high quality make-up exclusively. Once when my luggage got lost on the way to a vacation - I went out and got some drug-store make-up to replace it. I quickly learned that the little bit of extra money I put in to buying quality make-up is well worth it. I hated paying $9 for a mascara that I knew was going to be terrible. (In desperate times cheap make-up is better than none)

BUT....rock that MAC

The Hansens said...

Thank you for writing this blog! I usually just buy make-up at Target or the drug store, but with my wedding coming up I have been trying to justify buying a better brand, like MAC. It is great to hear your reviews on the differences. =)