Friday, August 28, 2009

Moving on up

Well...more like moving on down considering we are moving from my parents large home to a wee little cottage. Regardless, we are moving this weekend into our new place! We are pumped. I can't wait to get settled and make this new place our home. I will be sure to post pics once we get everything set up. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

just a stay-at-home mom?

I am disappointed to say that lately I have found myself caving to societal pressure and not being who I really am. Because my dad is running for Congress, I am meeting and greeting lots of new people. Because I am young, the question inevitably comes up "So are you in school or did you graduate?" I say, "Yes, I graduated from UVA." They say, "So, what do you DO?" I say, "I stay at home with our baby." Often times, they don't really know what to say so they just go "Oh...that's nice." And then I feel obligated to say, "But I might go back to work when they're older."

Ugh...why do I say that???

I always leave the conversation mad at myself that I didn't stick to my guns! I do not ever intend on going back to work (unless the Lord has other plans). I firmly believe in staying home to train, educate and love my children and serve my husband full-time. I firmly believe there is immeasurable value in a woman working in the home to create a warm, loving place for her family to be. I firmly believe I do so much more than "stay at home with my baby". That does conjure up the image of staying in my pjs all day with soap opera re-runs on. I want to say to them, "I work full-time in my home creating a place of spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment and rest for my family. This includes cooking nutritious meals, making beds, changing sheets, cleaning, doing laundry, keeping our home in order, caring for our child, training our child, scheduling appointments, maintaining our belongings and keeping our home a place centered on Jesus."

What most moms do is SO much more than "just stay at home". I find myself increasingly dissatisfied with that term. Another option is "home-manager" which I think is better actually but it sounds kind of silly in conversation.

Do you feel like you have to justify your choice to be a home-maker? Do you find it hard to be who you are as a wife and mother in our society?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Life's A Beach

Parks' second trip to the beach, it was a success! Jax and Uncle O.E. surfed while Aunt Tina and I kept Parks occupied.

Los Dos Daubertos came to VB!

We had an awesome weekend with our wonderful friends, Los Dos Daubertos! They came to VB to visit and we had the best time. We ate, played games, talked and laughed. The highlight of our time with them was a rousing game of JENGA! We got so into it and almost achieved the "expert level" according to the box.

Le-a making her move.
Michael...who ultimately was the cause of the JENGA collapse!
Parks playing with Michael
"Senor Dauberto, make me a little Dauberito por favor!"

We can only hope the Dauberts decide to move to VB :)

Pool Playdate

Parks and his friend Brooke played last Friday at the Harris' pool. It was great fun. Parks prefers to hang out with older women, Brooke is 15 months old :)

Parks with Auntie Bryceleigh!
Chillin in his float
Me, Parks, Katie and Brooke

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

you can find me in da crib

Parks loves practicing his new skillz in his crib now. He will play for about 20 minutes straight just pulling up on the crib over and over. The other night he woke up at 3 am which was really unusual for him and after a few minutes I went in to check on him and he was standing up half awake. It was so cute!


working his way around
oops, i fell down.
"Look mom, one hand!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

8.5 Months!

8.5 months has FLOWN by! People aren't kidding when they say it goes fast. Goodness gracious! I have been slacking on my Parks' updates lately so here is a whole post dedicated to him, my precious baby boy!

Here are some new things he is doing:

  • He can now go from laying down to sitting up and back to laying down all by himself.
  • He can reach for objects to his sides and basically get to anything he wants by turning and reaching and sliding, etc.
  • He has crawled!! He is not a full blown crawler, we are probably a week or two away from that. But he will get up on all fours, and take about 2 "crawls" for a toy and then stop.
  • His mobility has drastically increased from 7 months. When he combines all his new skills he can pretty much get to whatever he wants whether it be but scooting, sliding, reaching, lunging, or pseud0-crawling.
  • He has stood up in his crib all by himself by pulling up! I've only seen him do this once.
  • He has three teeth!! Two bottom teeth and one top tooth! Teething hasn't been that bad. No night waking, just some crankiness during the day every now and then. Thank goodness for tylenol and baby orajel!
  • He is still taking 2 naps a day. About 1.5 each.
  • He sleeps about 11.5 hours at night total. 7:30-7:00ish. He is still waking at about 5:00 am and I go in a nurse him and he sleeps for another two hours. I am planning on cutting this out soon. I figure I"ll have to once I start weaning him which will be a few more months.
  • He eats solids 3x a day and is really loving trying new foods. He is a wonderful eater with great table manners (thanks to Babywise II: Parenting Your Pre-Toddler). He nurses 4x a day. He now drinks apple juice a couple times a day as well.

Parks is up from his nap, gotta go! Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, I'm working on my photography (or lack thereof) skills.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Grocery Store Convo

Checking out at Farm Fresh today with Parks....

Random Lady (with a foreign accent): Awww what a cute baby! What's his name?

Me (with a smile): Parks

RL: Paaark?

Me: Like "I'm going to the Park" but with an "S"

RL (looking confused and somewhat strange): Did you make that up??

Me: It's actually a family name (which it actually is...we discovered Parks has a great great great great grandfather named Henry Parks).

RL: Ohhh.

**Random Lady Leaves and Random Old Man comes up behind me who heard our conversation**

Random Old Man: Your baby is cute. You know what? People with unusual names have a much higher rate of being sucessful than people with ordinary names! My name is Rembrandt!!!

Me: Oh thank you, haha :)

That man made my day!

don't forget

" has pleased the Lord to make you a people for himself..." 1 Samuel 12:22

"He rescued me, because he delighted in me." Psalm 18:19

Praise God from whom all blessings flow today!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Parks had his first "real" haircut this week! My dad cut his hair when he was about 4 months old. As you all know, Parks has a head full of hair. It was starting to get pretty shaggy and it was getting in his face. I took him to this precious kid's haircut place called "Pigtails and Crew Cuts" and he was good as gold. I almost cried in the salon because he looked SO old when the girl was done with his hair. Bye bye baby, hello 2 year old!



My baby is growing up...*tear*.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Because this is the only thing I can muster up right to-do list for today. Do I think anyone cares? No...but I'd rather post something rather than nothing.

  • Go to Trader Joe's to buy veggies and fruit to make Parks' baby food. New foods to be intrduced this month: apricot, grapes, kiwi, watermelon, broccoli, cheese, asparagus, hard-cooked egg yolk. FYI: Did you know that the reason TJ's prices are so low is because they buy produce that is right on the verge of going bad? It is good, organic produce but it is at the peak of ripeness so make sure you eat it within 1-2 days or it will go bad quickly! Just at helpful tip!
  • Buy a shower present for a friend who is getting married. I love doing this because I get to go into Williams-Sonoma and delight in all the fabulous kitchen trinkets and tools and imagine my dream kitchen.
  • Look at a little cottage that Jax and I might rent! Yay!!!! It's a little 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage in a wonderful neighborhood. I'll keep you posted.
  • Try to get into a MOPS group for this fall! No one emails me back.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Has anyone noticed???

Has anyone noticed the new breed of mothers emerging? Or maybe it's not new at all, but rather an re-awakening of a dying breed. I'm referring to this "Super Mom" that I'm seeing pop up all around me. Maybe you've seen it too. I would characterize these Super Moms in more or less the following way:

  • They live frugal lives. A la Money Saving Mom who feeds her family on $40/week! Are you kidding me???
  • They live green lives. Recyle? Check. Organic eating? Check. Natural, home-made cleaning products? Check. Re-usable grocery bags? Check.
  • They have their own gardens and grow their own food.
  • They sew. As in, make their own curtains and kids clothes kind of sewing.
  • They breastfeed, often past the first year.
  • They cloth diaper. (thanks to Megan for reminding me of this one!)
  • They make their own baby food, I'm sure without salt and sugar :)
  • They blog! Often with large, large followings.
  • They are all practically professional photographers!
  • They do cool crafts with their kids, often like 4 kids under age 6 or something.
  • They homeschool.

Whew, I'm exhausted just writing that! These women amaze me. I walk a fine like between admiring them and letting them inspire me and then agonizing over how inferior I am to them and how I will never be able to do all those things. I just not a naturally crafty, grown-my-own-food kind of when I read about these women I'm very impressed. Has anyone else noticed this resurgence of domesticity? Another thing I've noticed....most of them are college-educated, bright, intelligent women--choosing to stay home and make their career nurturing their family. Very interesting...I like what I see. I'm going to go try to learn how to take better pictures with my little point and shoot camera :)