Saturday, August 15, 2009

8.5 Months!

8.5 months has FLOWN by! People aren't kidding when they say it goes fast. Goodness gracious! I have been slacking on my Parks' updates lately so here is a whole post dedicated to him, my precious baby boy!

Here are some new things he is doing:

  • He can now go from laying down to sitting up and back to laying down all by himself.
  • He can reach for objects to his sides and basically get to anything he wants by turning and reaching and sliding, etc.
  • He has crawled!! He is not a full blown crawler, we are probably a week or two away from that. But he will get up on all fours, and take about 2 "crawls" for a toy and then stop.
  • His mobility has drastically increased from 7 months. When he combines all his new skills he can pretty much get to whatever he wants whether it be but scooting, sliding, reaching, lunging, or pseud0-crawling.
  • He has stood up in his crib all by himself by pulling up! I've only seen him do this once.
  • He has three teeth!! Two bottom teeth and one top tooth! Teething hasn't been that bad. No night waking, just some crankiness during the day every now and then. Thank goodness for tylenol and baby orajel!
  • He is still taking 2 naps a day. About 1.5 each.
  • He sleeps about 11.5 hours at night total. 7:30-7:00ish. He is still waking at about 5:00 am and I go in a nurse him and he sleeps for another two hours. I am planning on cutting this out soon. I figure I"ll have to once I start weaning him which will be a few more months.
  • He eats solids 3x a day and is really loving trying new foods. He is a wonderful eater with great table manners (thanks to Babywise II: Parenting Your Pre-Toddler). He nurses 4x a day. He now drinks apple juice a couple times a day as well.

Parks is up from his nap, gotta go! Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry, I'm working on my photography (or lack thereof) skills.


Megan said...

Oh he's so sweet and happy! I can't wait to see you guys this coming weekend! A phone call or email will happen shortly, sorry. :)

Jaime said...

I can't believe how big he is! Looks like Daddy got a haircut too. Tell Jacks we all approve of the new do! :)

Megan said...

once noah did that two crawls in a row thing he took off within days, so look out!...the trick is putting something they really really want out in front of them, like the TV remote or cell phone

Grams said...

Table manners? That would be new to me, but I would love it. Babies are sooooo messy. What did babywise say to do??? Does he use his fingers? A knife and fork? Haha

mallory said...

Haha no, we aren't to the knife and fork yet. I'm still spoon feeding him and he just sits nice and still and keeps his hands under the tray. He doesn't try to grab the food and spoon and make a mess and bang on the tray, etc. Just those little things that get really annoying the older they get. I didn't want to have an 18 month old banging on the highchair throughout the meal and learning to play with his food.