Monday, August 24, 2009

Los Dos Daubertos came to VB!

We had an awesome weekend with our wonderful friends, Los Dos Daubertos! They came to VB to visit and we had the best time. We ate, played games, talked and laughed. The highlight of our time with them was a rousing game of JENGA! We got so into it and almost achieved the "expert level" according to the box.

Le-a making her move.
Michael...who ultimately was the cause of the JENGA collapse!
Parks playing with Michael
"Senor Dauberto, make me a little Dauberito por favor!"

We can only hope the Dauberts decide to move to VB :)


Megan said...

How sweet! Those pics of Parks and senor are precious. We are going for 36 levels of Jenga next time AND watching Revolutionary Road. Husbands included.
Y'all are hilarious! We enjoyed all the funny moments with you guys and cannot wait to go back to la plaza or Tijuana flats...and leave you our leftovers.

Megan said...

Michael wants to know if, "Jenga was really the most exciting part of the weekend?! If that's true than we need to work on being better company!" :) I understood what you meant...