Thursday, August 6, 2009


Because this is the only thing I can muster up right to-do list for today. Do I think anyone cares? No...but I'd rather post something rather than nothing.

  • Go to Trader Joe's to buy veggies and fruit to make Parks' baby food. New foods to be intrduced this month: apricot, grapes, kiwi, watermelon, broccoli, cheese, asparagus, hard-cooked egg yolk. FYI: Did you know that the reason TJ's prices are so low is because they buy produce that is right on the verge of going bad? It is good, organic produce but it is at the peak of ripeness so make sure you eat it within 1-2 days or it will go bad quickly! Just at helpful tip!
  • Buy a shower present for a friend who is getting married. I love doing this because I get to go into Williams-Sonoma and delight in all the fabulous kitchen trinkets and tools and imagine my dream kitchen.
  • Look at a little cottage that Jax and I might rent! Yay!!!! It's a little 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage in a wonderful neighborhood. I'll keep you posted.
  • Try to get into a MOPS group for this fall! No one emails me back.

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Grams said...

Have a blessed day, darling girl!