Tuesday, September 15, 2009

like the first day of school

Did anyone else love the first day of school? I always did. I looked forward to getting new school supplies every year, and of course, planning my outfit for the first day. Blank notebooks would bring me pure delight as did receiving new syllabi for my courses. One of my favorite activities was going home after the first class and putting all the important dates from the syllabus into my calendar and organizing my binders. Does anyone else relate?

Seeing that there probably isn't any more formal schooling in my future...I get to relive these "back to school" delights in a different way. Today was my first day of MOPS (Mother's of Pre-Schoolers) and it kind of felt like the first day of school. I had been looking forward to it for a couple weeks and it was so much fun! And this time, I got to pick out two outfits, one for me and one for Parks! I had an awesome time meeting other moms and Parks did great in the nursery, even though it was during his morning nap which I was a little concerned about.

So even though I didn't get to purchase new binders and my all time favorite, new highlighters, this fall I still got to experience just a taste of my favorite time of year. Did/do you enjoy the first day of school?


Terresa said...

Yes I can relate! I loved getting new school supplies! I still look for "excuses" to get new notebooks, binders and pens. And the class syllabus was definitely a highlight. :) So glad your first day "of MOPS" was so much fun!

Bryceleigh said...

I have an idea...how about youuuu switch places with me. That way you can receive the satisfaction of putting assignments in your planner and crossing them off and I can receive the satisfaction of being stressed out in some other way besides doing homework alllll the time :) The only part of school that's still fun is the new school supplies...i will agree with that. Love ya!

Lindsey Burke said...

I agree with you Moto, I too love the smell of an Office Max or Office Depot and the promise of shiny new pens and crisp stationary waiting to be bought. Visions of being supremely organized dance through my head. Can't wait till Porkster has his first day of school, it won't be that long! Perhaps we can begin installing a love of syallbi early on.