Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Long and Lean"

Yes folks, you heard it here first...Parks Andrews is no longer a chunker! His pediatrician actually used the words "long and lean" to describe our little boy! I was so surprised! I am so used to thinking of him as "a big boy" and "our little chunker" but not anymore!

We just had our 9 month check-up and Parks has totally changed body type. He went from being in the 80th percentile for weight to the 27th percentile!! His new stats are:

27th percentile for weight (19.2 pounds)
60th percentile for height
and drumroll please....90th percentile for head circumference

Bless his little must be so tired from holding up that big brain : )

Parks continues to be an absolute delight. He is developing quite the little sense of humor and I can already tell he is an extrovert. He loves being around people and gets quite bored at the house when it is just me and him. I've heard other mothers say their babies have a hard time being at home all day and I can totally relate. Sometimes we go to Target just to "get out of the house" for a change of scenery. I'm really looking forward to this fall because I'll be doing MOPS, a morning bible study at our church and a Friday playgroup so those will all be fun opportunities for Parks to hang out with other babies, which he loves!!

at our Friday playgroup!

Anela, John, and Parks...trying to get all three babies looking at the camera is quite the challenge!

little crawlers

Also, another big milestone for us is eating finger foods! I was so terrified to let Parks eat finger foods because the first time we tried cheerios he gagged really bad and it made me so scared. Then my friend suggested Gerber Puffs and those work great- no gagging! He loves his puffs and is practicing getting them in his mouth. Enjoy the video of Parks' new favorite activity:


ashley b. said...

he is just so darn cute.

p.s. thanks for having us over for dinner the other night! we had fun and dinner was SO GOOD!!! whenever you get a chance if you could send me (via facebook) that dough recipe or direct me to the website where you found it!

Megan said...

Preciousness. I laughed so hard at the Gerber Puffs, do you always throw them at him. :) He's so cute, especially when he feeds himself. Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

mallory said...

Haha I didn't throw them!! That was Parks' finger that made it move like that!

christa said...

How's the new home? Parks is still adorable, even if he is long and lean and not chubby. I wish having chubby thighs was still cute at 27 years.

I think a post is required on the addition of Google ads to your blog. Have we reached a tipping point?



I just played this video with Addie on my lap and she had a full conversation with Parks! I kept telling her that's your cousins! Can't wait for them to meet soon!