Monday, September 28, 2009

Our New Nest

Finally....I got around to taking some pictures of our new place. We absolutely LOVE it! It is a perfect size for us and it is in a great neighborhood that is really close to Jackson's work. It is about 10-15 minutes from my parents' house depending on the traffic. This is by far the nicest place we have lived. It isn't super fancy, but we have lived in two really old houses so just the fact that this house is newer makes it seem really nice to us. The first night we stayed in the new house I told Jackson, "I feel like we are on vacation...this feels way too nice to be our house!"

I left out the master bedroom because it looks exactly like our bedroom in Charlottesville which you can see on the blog...and's pretty messy right now. I also left out our bathroom because it's really not too exciting and it's also pretty messy right now.

So, enjoy the pictures of our new nest!

A great yard for Parks to play in, and the best part is...we don't have to do any yard work! Renting definitely has its perks!

the view right when you walk in the front door, parks' room is the door on the left, then the bathroom in the middle, then our room.
looking at the front door from the living room
coat closet and little alcove where we put our old entertainment center
living room
living room again, all of our furniture fit really well

Parks' room

Jackson built those drawers, I'm so proud of him!
I frequent this station about 7 times a day! Parks is showing off his favorite skill as you can see!

This is an awesome piece of furniture that was already in the house when we moved in, it is currently used as Jackson's closet. No, I'm not kidding. We don't have much closet space so he graciously gave me the closet in the bedroom and uses these cabinets as his closet. It actually works great!
the kitchen! it's really big, our laundry "room" is behind the door.

tons of favorite!

This room is right off the kitchen and it is truly multi-functional. It currently serves as playroom, office and dining room. I'm in this room a lot!

That chest holds all our Parks' brightly colored plastic treasures.

That's it! Thanks for visiting!


Grams said...

I love your house. I'm so glad I was there to actually see it and can pictures you there enjoying it. Perfect kitchen for one like you who loves to cook. Enjoy!

Megan said...

I love it! I loved finding Parks in new places in each photo. :) The kitchen is great. I can't wait to come visit in person!


It looks great!

esther lee said...

Love your new place!