Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Letter from The Management

Dear Reader of The Andrews Family Blog,

I sincerely apologize for the whiplash you experienced this week.  One day I'm posted about wanting to rid myself of my judgmental nature and just days later, I wrote a very judgmental post about...goldfish.  I just wanted to say that I acknowledge the hypocrisy of my blogging ways and I wanted to apologize.  It's so easy to run to this blog as an "outlet" for my opinions.  It's so tempting to have a forum where you can write whatever you want.  I'm learning that this blog is an area where I need to exercise some more self-control and discernment.  

I've contemplated deleting it, making it private and just about Parks because sometimes I worry about things I post.  I worry I've offended someone or that I'm being judgmental.  So, after some family talks, I've come to the conclusion that I will keep this blog going, but I will let my better half read all posts that are not about Parks before I hit "publish".  I know this will help me not post things that just shouldn't be out for the world to see.  I'm amazed at what change a day's perspective brings to an event.  Today I'm thinking, "Out of all the things going on in the world...I let some goldfish on the floor at Target get me that angry...and then I blogged about it???"  It's pathetic really.  I feel like the Lord is whispering, "Mallory, just because it happened, doesn't mean you have to blog about it." I'm reminded of Proverbs 29:11 "A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control."  Let's just say, I identify with the fool.  

So, please don't give up on me just yet.  There is change happening here at this blog and I hope that it will make it a more friendly and welcoming place in the blogosphere.  

Thanks for reading and I promise the best writings are yet to come!



Rachel C Morgan said...

I read your blog because of your open and honest stories. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that you were being overly judgmental, but maybe some of the comments you received helped you put things in perspective? If you came across as perfect and bland, your blog wouldn't be so funny and familiar. I guess this all depends on what you want your blog to be though. You know what you feel comfortable posting and having people see. I wouldn't clean a floor at a restaurant because of all the germs on the floor, but I didn't get offended by you. This is your blog and your thoughts. So I vote that you keep it real and keep blogging!

The Kelleys said...

Kind of bummed I missed the goldfish rant blog and therefore cannot comment insightfully about it! ;-) Ahhh, but that's never stopped me before!

Hey, God gets rids of sin, and he is never surprised by our mistakes. In fact, I really believe he uses them to show us what he already sees. It is a grace.

Growth is organic. The trajectory of sanctification is long arduous and probably full of us embarrassing ourselves with our own personal blindness. But God is a God of gracious community, not to shame you, but to encourage you.

Everyone knows you're a sinner and that there are probably uglier things in your heart than anger over goldfish on the floor. There is no shock here - just don't expect because you post about judging that now you won't judge. You might be inclined to judge yourself for judging or WORSE to judge others for judging because now you can see how ugly judging is, why can't they!?

Think long, long, long term. You rock. I'm glad to read your stuff - even though, duh, you're not perfect.


Jaime said...

Where is the goldfish post?!! Siesta, I fear you are falling under unnecessary self-condemnation over your posts. No need! :) Follow the Lord, but don't be too concerned about what we fellow sinners think. We love you!