Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you speak, i listen

Thanks for your feedback on the blog!  Sometimes I feel like this blog is in an identity crisis and isn't sure whether it is a family blog or some other type of blog.  I find it interesting that whenever I do post about something more "controversial" I get tons (and by tons I mean more than usual) of comments.  This made me think that those posts are clearly what get people interested in the blog, but I also know I have some readers who don't love all the controversial posts and would rather me just write something funny.  So, I think I will aim for mostly funny, some opinion and a little bit of baby to please all my readers.  How does that sound? 

By the way, just to be clear...I don't write to try to be controversial, I write about certain subjects because I care about them.  Some things I care about just happen to be more controversial issues. I'm sure you know that already, I just wanted to get it out there.  People who know me in real life know this but it's hard for people to really "know" you and your personality through blogging.  

Ok, I'm off to bible study this morning.  I'm doing Beth Moore's "Esther".  Hopefully something funny will happen to me and I can write about it when I get back!  :)


Katie and Drew said...

Hey Mallory,

I'm inspired by Jamie's roll call to say hi. I went to UVA and found your blog through a mutual friend- unfortunately I don't remember who it was! Anyway, I would be really interested in reading about how motherhood has affected your marriage and how you've had to work (or not!) to achieve a nice balance. If you don't have time, I totally understand, but just thought I'd throw the idea out there :)


mallory said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks for your comment. I love "meeting" new people through blogging. I like your idea about motherhood and marriage...there's certainly a lot to say there. Be looking for a post in the new couple weeks :)

Melissa said...

Hi Mallory girl! Loved your fall entry. Missed seeing you in CVille a couple weeks ago. Wish I could find some time to scoot down to VB for a day.

I just bought the Esther study and hope to start it soon. Wishing wishing wishing I were doing that study with you!

On ya!